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From the article: Introvert
The majority of people in the general population are extroverts (about 60-75 percent), so it makes sense that rules of behavior favor extroverts. But what if introverts ran the world? Since the majority of gifted people are introverts (about 60%), that question is not an idle one for us! If it were up to me, I would never again be asked to go to a meeting and complete some task with a group of people I barely know. I would be allowed to write up my ideas.

What would you like to see done differently in an introverted world? Share your ideas by completing the following sentence: If introverts ran the world...

this describes me

I have recently discovered that I am an introvert. At night i love to just lie there and think. I don't like having conversations with topics that I am not interested in, and I don't believe in small talk or pointless chatter, I'd rather just not talk. People may call be awkward, but they notice that I am very comfortable with myself and my "awkwardness." I'm not quick on my feet, or good at confrontations, but over time I can come up with very good ideas. I love to diagnose people, or predict them and categorize them and their actions. I love my friends and parties but sometimes I find myself wishing I could just be at home alone.
—Guest mj

I, Introvert

If Introverts ran the world unfortunatly the majority who are extroverts would be less entertained, however, our children would have a much brighter future to look forward to. This would be a world where our teachers were financially compensated over pro athletes and low self esteem would be non- existant. Poverty wouldn't be an issue because our caring nature would allow us to create a world where "equality" meant EACTLY that! Introverts are able to speak rationally, logically,& emotionally and so even those that dont "like" us have no choice but to "respect" us; unlike extraverts who speak w/o thinking and often have no idea of what the hell they're talking about which explains the state of the world today. If introverts ran the world this life would be full of color,wonder,and amazment versus the current mediocrity,nonsense,and the exploitation of Ignorance. Instead of "Keeping up w/ the Kardashians",we'd be "UpLifting One Another" and inspiring greatness for generations to come :)
—Guest Amber

More than half of the battle won.......

It seems strange to me that I always thought I was so very different, I never wanted to be. "You spend too much time alone, you read too much". I'm more satisfied with my company than with most people. If I can't leave when I want - I won't go. I see no value in ownership of anything, no need for anything that is false. Research everything until I have a complete understanding of it. I do have a lust for life and as others tell me I'm wasting mine by not going out but, I enjoy it more and more. I have taught myself so much. Even when I was so sad, I thought to change myself and then thought no. If the sadness was so sorrowful I realized there is a balance, because the highs are euphoric. By leaving other things that are so unimportant I have found so much more worth. By being myself, I have made my family happy. Thank you for a little more insight. There are no more social rules. I will not be measured by social guidelines. I am me.

my grattitude

I grew up thinking i was alone, introverts were foreign to me (my mother is a strong extrovert). I grew up drawing pictures in class, failing homework, but acing tests contrary to what teachers told me... Im horrible in social situations ( as some would say), but yet always seam to be the best socialist in my own way. Reading this article brings great comfort to me knowing that wanting to be alone in my mind isnt a bad thing, but rather a good thing! Funny thinking back how my parents would always tell me i needed to socialize, and when i did i got angry how physically effected i would get. my rational but creative thinking always seams to aggrivate some people. I always thought that over thinking everything, even my own thoughts, was weird. It forced me to conceal my inner-self untill i was about 18 when someone saw the real me and encouraged it strongly-- just like this article has done- so thank you! :)
—Guest scotty

This is me!

I am very much an introvert. It's not that I don't have friends, or I'm not social, and I do enjoy myself when I am, but I can think more clearly and I'm more comfortable alone or with one or two other people. When I was a kid, my mom always wanted me to call friends over the weekends, to go places, to do things. I would to some extent, but never without encouragement. I would never get up and say, "I think I'm going to call a friend now." This was because I could, and can, occupy myself perfectly well on my own. I'm not unhappy, or bored, or shy, I'm just fine with being on my own. Like I said, I love the company of my family and friends, but I'm happy alone, too. I love the word introvert. Finally, a word that describes me, isn't offensive, and lets me know that I'm not the only person who's like this. Introverts unite!
—Guest dcmldcml

It Wouldn't Make a Difference

If introverts ran the world we wouldn't be facing the problems that our extrovert led society currently is, we would be facing a whole new and original set of problems. There is no perfect being or perfect way of thinking that is the answer to all the world's issues. Extroverts are not all flamboyant, social, or exaggerated beings that are incapable of deep thought or of making important decisions, just as introverts are not all shy, reclusive, or socially awkward. Introverts may be better equipped at thinking out issues and getting to the root of the problems and maybe having more people like this would be a good thing, but extroverts who are capable at making the fast, straightforward decisions are just as necessary to make the society run smoothly. Not all questions can be mulled over, some just need answers. These titles are just another way for people to divide and segregate each other. Nobody is better, or more deserving, than anybody else based on a social label placed on them.
—Guest student

If people were more reflective......

Then they might not think of me as that stuck up weirdo who does not talk 24/7 like almost all the girls in my grade! I don't dislike you, but I'm not going to spit mindless chatter when I could be talking with people who think before they speak! Your nice, but I Really wish u would get that 5 hours of chatting grates on my nerves.......
—Guest Katie

Color me an Introvert!

Finally, a term that represents the way I feel, I dont like to go out much and avoid a lot of social situations. I can make conversation but just prefer to be alone, or just with my husband. Luckily he is like this too. We have been together for over 34 years since high school. That we are the same makes for a long successful marriage. I am rarely bored. Like my husband says: Your mind never stops working does it? If I lay out in the sun during the summer, my mind is going a mile a minute. Depsite being introverted I am comfortable at public speaking--I wrote and recited two family members eulogies - one being a very close member - my Dad! Everyone was shocked that I got up there and mastered it. I am even thinking of going into a Toastmasters Club and doing some public speaking. Just dont invite me for a happy hour afterwards,. I wont be going!
—Guest LRTLA

Socially introverted

So I'm an introvert! I like attending parties and social gatherings but I notice that when im alone in my room I can think more properly. As a teen my mother got mad at me for not speaking up or talking. She didn't like my shyness and wanted me to be more friendly. Im a talker it's just not my thing to talk to strangers y'know. There were also times where I felt different then most of my classmates. I also find it annoying when there's too much noise from people talking at the same time. After reading this article I'm proud that i'm an introvert. :)
—Guest renachu

The "Weird" and "Unsocial"...

Thanks for this article, i searched this word, after being unsure of what it meant when looking for character descriptions for each type of doodle, and i believe i am somewhat of an introvert. I like to be around people, but at the same time, i am only interested in conversations about topics i like, or have experience with, and i feel out of place when people start talking about things i am not interested in, even if i know a bit about it. Then i just start talking without actually paying attention, just wanting to go home, and be by myself. Along with this if i am at a crowded place, i start feeling out of place, not sure how to explain it. Also in elementary school, I definitely felt like i belonged to no group, even though people, used to talk to me, in a way i wanted to be by myself but at the same time, with others since its seen as "weird" and "unsocial".
—Guest Random2


Wow, since little I have always been called an introvert, I always found it offensive and had no idea what it meant. After reading this article, I finally understand why I was called an Introvert...cuz I AM an Introvert lol. Yeah, I have always been on my own, always thinking scientificly and in numbers, about life and all. I am shy as well, but the two things are not one and the same, thats for sure. I remember writing something for a class in 7th grade were the teacher asked us all to write something about ourselves. I can't remember everything I wrote, but I do remember writing "Sometimes I am alone and want to be around others, sometimes I am around others and just want to be alone". Its really something what we are, isn't it? I've always been the smart kid, poeple come to me for answers. In ocassion, I take lead of things because I just see how extroverts are so bad at doing things they think they can comprehend but can't see beyond the surface. We will rule the world, and our way
—Guest Slinx

there would be much more understanding..

...at least until we rule long enough to put a taboo on extroversion the way the extroverted society is doing to introversion. Then the extroverts will be the minority, and the outcasts. Nobody's perfect. We introverts have our flaws and biases as well. In fact, the stereotypical troublemaker is an extrovert, and introverts are commonly seen as "efficient", "disciplined" or "organised". An extrovert who chats in class is more likely to be frowned upon than, say, an introvert who's too lazy to their homework. And if introverts ruled the world for too long, extroversion may very well become discriminated against. It would be beneficial to the world if introverts ruled the would for a while. Then people, especially many introverts themselves that believe too much in public opinion, will know that not all introverts are boring working machines. The best world we can make, however, has a good mix of both introverts and extroverts governing it.
—Guest Yao

discovering im an introvert.

I always thought that I wasn't able to fit in with many people. I always love to be by myself and I do like to talk but only when it towards a topic i like. In school I am always quiet because i rather be just thinking about stuff. My energy drains because i have to listen and talk to all the student around me. It is weird to find out I'm a introvert because i really didnt think there was anything like it. When people are loud and yelling in the room im just quiet. I always look around and think about something that i see or hear. People don't think I am thinking but am just zoning out to no where. Technically i am zoning out of the real world but i am still there thinking. It is really weird to know that im not the only one that is like this.
—Guest Bluedog19920

KneeJerk Idealism

Well now, looks like a pretty spiffy world under "our" rule, huh? It seems the assumption here is that extroverts are mindless, barking dogs and we introverts are completely intellectual and rational. From these responses, it seems quite the opposite, doesn't it? So much indulgence of the ego here. Surprising for such thinking people... Looks like our world would be full of brooding, senstive, whiny, snobby, egomaniacs. Extroverts also think before they act and because they do more with others, they experience more and in turn have potential to learn more. Trial and error is a good teacher. Introverts simply gain more energy from being alone than being with others. When we are with people we allow them to guide the energy. I love being alone because I can get so much more done. If I wake up to people cleaning it actually sucks the life out of me because I had to adapt to their energy when I just prefer to set my own pace at my own time. I am also a good thinker, just not a quick one...

More reflection & less projection

I am 28 years old and have always identified myself as being an extrovert, due to the fact that I have a genuine interest in people and helping others (I am a Professional Counselor by career) I had assumed that introverted individuals were shy and had a low interest in people; qualities that didn't fit me. I think Introverted personality style has been misinterpreted by many, including myself. As a young child, I was described as a "daydreamer, observant of others, and was content playing alone." Today I enjoy doing things by myself; dancing, thrifting, writing..I enjoy observing others & intimate insightful conversations~ I can strike up a conversation with anyone and when it's something of interest and depth it's so energizing to me. I also enjoy parties~ but in small doses and prefer an intimate group. I think what I realized is that introverts are social beings and do work in social careers, it's just what one finds gratifying to them that makes the difference between the two the styles. It makes sense that being introverted, I chose the profession I did and that it is such a good fit for me. There are great strengths in both styles & in all people~Cheers!!
—Guest hula18
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