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Summer Fun

Boy playing in sprinkler

There is still plenty of summer and warm weather left before kids need to go back to school. Make the most of it!

More Warm Weather Fun
Gifted Children Spotlight10

(Almost) All About Chess

If your child is old enough to stop putting every small object he sees in his mouth, then he's old to play chess. Get him started and help him along.

Theme Chess Sets

What's more fun for chess lovers than playing a game of chess? Playing with pieces that are characters from favorite books, movies, or history.

Novelty Chess Sets

It's hard to imagine making it more challenging than it already is, but these versions add new twists.

Basic Chess Sets

As a game based on logic and strategy, chess is ideal for gifted children. These basic chess sets are for beginners and can help them learn the game.

Supporting Public Education

Do you support public education? I do. But what exactly does it mean to support it?

Definitions of Gifted from Different Perspectives

What does "gifted" mean? Many definitions have been suggested, but none captures the essence of giftedness in a way that satisfies everyone.

Tips for Getting Picky Eaters to Eat

If your child is a picky eater, you are certainly not alone! Why are some children so picky about what they eat and what can you do about it?

Help Your Child Simplify Life and Reduce Stress

Do you find your life hectic and stressful? You can eliminate some of that stress and help your child eliminate the stress in his life as well.

July Holidays Week Two

What holidays and special observances are in the second week of July? Here are some that are of special interest to gifted kids and their families.

Books About Electricity with Experiments for Kids

Many kids learn best through hands-on experience. For kids who want to learn about electricity, that means some fun and easy experiments.

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