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What do you need to know before school starts?

Mom waving at child in school bux

It's always good to be prepared for the the new school year. But being prepared is about more than buying the right supplies. You also want to know the best ways to talk with your child's teacher and establish a good relationship with the school.

Building Relationships at School
Gifted Children Spotlight10

Poetry for Kids - Reading, Writing, and Sharing

Is your child a budding poet? Or one who groans at the mention of poetry? Either way, your child can learn to enjoy reading and even writing poems.

What If Your Child Doesn't Get Into the Gifted Program?

What does it mean if your child isn't accepted into the school's gifted program and what can you do about it?

Achievement Versus Ability

Ability can't be seen, but achievement can. That's why achievement is used so often to determine if a child is gifted. But that's not a good idea.

Websites That Will Enlighten and Entertain You

Unless you know where to look or what to search for, chances are you'll never find many of the fascinating and fun sites available. Here are 8 of them.

Late Bloomer

A late bloomer is one whose talents and abilities don't show up in early years.

Chess Books for Kids

Improve your child's problem-solving skills, patience and focus, enhance her imagination, and instill confidence by teaching him the game of chess!

(Almost) All About Chess

If your child is old enough to stop putting every small object he sees in his mouth, then he's old to play chess. Get him started and help him along.

Theme Chess Sets

What's more fun for chess lovers than playing a game of chess? Playing with pieces that are characters from favorite books, movies, or history.

Novelty Chess Sets

It's hard to imagine making it more challenging than it already is, but these versions add new twists.

Basic Chess Sets

As a game based on logic and strategy, chess is ideal for gifted children. These basic chess sets are for beginners and can help them learn the game.

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