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Family life with gifted children can be as intense as the gifted children themselves. The intensity may come from the characteristics of the gifted children themselves or from the stress parents sometimes feel to nurture their child's talents and abilities. The resources here provide suggestions for making family life easier and fun. They also provide strategies for nurturing gifted children, including recommendations for toys and books gifted children love. Finally, resources are provided for finding more help.
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Nurturing Gifted Children

Parents of gifted children sometimes feel overwhelmed with responsibility once they learn or even suspect that they have a gifted child. They are afraid they will fail to nurture their child's abilities and will therefore be responsible for their child not reaching his or her full potential. It's not as difficult to nurture a gifted child's talents and abilities as parents think it is.

Parenting Tips

Parenting is a tough job and parenting any special needs child is even tougher. That includes parenting gifted children, who are special needs children. Their characteristics lead to behaviors that require parenting strategies other than those found in the typical parenting books. Whether it is their extreme emotional sensitivity or their constant need to debate every rule and issue, their behavior can be frustrating.

Books and Other Sources of Help

When you feel frustrated and confused, where can you go for help? You need some books written specifically about parenting gifted children and access to gifted organizations that can help you. There are other sources of great information as well.

Activities Gifted Kids Enjoy

A gifted child's idea of fun is not always the same as the typical child's idea of fun. Gifted children will often prefer reading over playing outside, for example. Whether you're looking for activities for your children to do themselves or with the whole family, you'll find ideas here that gifted children will most likely enjoy.

Toys for Gifted Children

You buy the latest popular toy for your child, who may play with it, but tires of it quickly. Closet space is taken up with a number of such toys. Gifted kids don't seem to find the usual toys much fun. They prefer toys that challenge them and allow them to use their minds. Such toys may be difficult to find, but not always. Parents simply need to understand what their gifted child will find interesting.

Books for Gifted Children

"Read early and read often" is a phrase that applies to many gifted children. About half of all gifted kids start reading before the age of five, many of them self-taught. And the majority of gifted children, whether they started reading early or not, love to read. However, they don't always seem to enjoy the same books that most other children enjoy. They tend to prefer high fantasy (like The Chronicles of Narnia), mysteries, biographies, and books about science and other non-fiction books.

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