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Updated May 28, 2014

Definition: Mensa is an organization for people with high IQ's. It is in no other way an elite organization since membership includes people of all ages and occupations. The youngest member is two and the oldest is ninety-four. Occupations represented by members includes just about everything imaginable: scientists, lawyers, doctors, police officers, truck drivers, and farmers are just a few examples. Contrary to popular opinion, Mensa is not an organization for "geniuses," unless a genius includes those who are moderately gifted. Mensa accepts people whose IQs put them in the top 2% of the population. While IQ scores vary somewhat from test to test, in general the top 2% includes IQs of 130 and up. Highly gifted is considered to start at 145. People join Mensa for a variety of reasons, but for many it is a way to meet others who are like them and who share their interests. It has national groups in fifty countries.

Also Known As: High IQ Society

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