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High Achiever


Updated June 20, 2014

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Definition: High achievers are those who achieve a goal. In school, a high achiever would be a student who gets high marks, good grades. They do the work that is required and do it well. They tend to be well-organized, with good time-management skills, which is why they turn in neat and tidy work on time. They also tend to be well-behaved, adjusting well to the classroom environment and participating enthusiastically in classroom discussions.

High achievers are not necessarily gifted, although some high achievers are also gifted. High achievers are often externally motivated by the desire to get good grades or even high praise. They can also often be motivated by stickers with smiley faces.

However, high achievement is not a sign of giftedness. In fact, some gifted children are underachievers. They may be internally motivated, so unless they are interested in the task or the material to be learned, they may not do well on assignments and may not even complete the assignments.

High achievers may need an educational environment beyond what is offered in the average classroom, but that is not necessarily the same environment required by gifted kids to be successful.
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