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Gifted Children with Learning Disabilities

Gifted children with a learning disability are probably the most difficult children to identify. Their learning disability hides their giftedness and their giftedness hides their learning disability. For this reason, these children often appear to be average children. As a result, they do not get the services they need for either their learning disability or their giftedness.

Dual Exceptionalities
Gifted children with a disability are often missed or misdiagnosed. Their disability may hide their giftedness and their giftedness may hide their disability so that both missed. In addition, characteristics of giftedness that are similar to those of another condition like ADHD can cause gifted children to be misdiagnosed.

Guidelines for diagnosing ADHD
Signs of giftedness and symptoms of ADHD are quite similar, making it difficult to determine if a bright child is simply gifted and bored or has ADHD. No test of ADHD exists, which makes the diagnosis even more difficult. Here are some helpful diagnostic guidelines for parents, and others, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Before Referring a Gifted Child for ADD/ADHD Evaluation
Parents of gifted children, especially gifted boys, frequently hear from teachers and others that their child has ADHD. While it is possible for a child to be both gifted and ADHD, many children are misdiagnosed. This article provides a handy checklist to help parents (and others) determine whether a child should be referred for evaluation.

Gifted and Learning Disabled: Twice Exceptional Students
Providing the appropriate educational services for gifted children with learning disabilities is impossible unless these children are identified. Find out who these children are, how they are identified and what can be done for them.

Gifted or ADD?
Gifted children, especially boys, are often misdiagnosed with ADHD. This article explains why.

ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted
Characteristics of giftedness and symptoms of ADHD are so similar that it's hard to tell if a child is gifted or has ADHD, or both. This article provides help in telling the difference.

Parenting Gifted Children with AD/HD
This article compares three groups of boys: those with ADHD, those who are gifted, and those who are gifted with ADHD. It provides recommendations for parents of the last group, gifted boys with ADHD.

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