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Autumn Fun - Fun Things for Gifted Kids to Do in the Fall


Updated September 22, 2010

Familiy Activities:

Whether you want to be inside or out, you can find plenty of activities for the whole family in the fall.

Crafts and Activities:

The fall offers some wonderful opportunities for crafts and activities for the kids. Some gifted kids, especially the more artistically oriented ones, will enjoy crafts related to autumn.

Games and Parties:

These are great activities for the kids. You'll find something for kids of all ages. There are also some great party ideas for the fall season.

Fall Recipes and Food:

These recipes make use of traditional fall foods, like pumpkins and apples, but also have autumn themes.

Fall Science:

Why do leaves change color? Why does the amount of daylight change over the course of the year? What are some common Halloween myths? These articles will answer those questions
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