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Educational Options and Issues of Gifted Children


Gifted children are considered special needs children. That means that they have special educational needs based on their intellectual as well as social and emotional traits. Like all special needs children, gifted children may not reach their potential if they are not provided with an appropriate educational environment. The resources here will help you understand what an appropriate educational environment is for gifted children and what can happen if they don't get it.
  1. Schooling Options
  2. Extracurriuclar Enrichment Opportunities
  3. Motivation and Underachievement
  4. Careers and Occupations

Schooling Options

The majority of parents send their children to public schools. It is a good idea, therefore, if parents understand the options available to schools for use with gifted children. Hoever, sometimes a public school does not offer what a gifted child needs. Other options for educating gifted children include private schools and homeschooling.

Extracurriuclar Enrichment Opportunities

Sometimes, even when a gifted child's school tries to accommodate his or her learning style and academic needs, it simply isn't enough. In those cases, it's a good idea to find outside enrichment opportunities. However, outside enrichment is good for gifted children, even when most of their needs are being met inside the school environment. These outside opportunities can expose children to subjects not covered in school, provide more in-depth coverage of subjects that are covered in school, and can provide plenty of hands-on experience in both kinds of subjects.

Motivation and Underachievement

It can be difficult to motivate gifted children to work hard and do their best. It can even be difficult to motivate them enough just to do their homework and then turn it in! When they aren't motivated, they run the risk of becoming underachievers. Underachievement is a serious - and common - problem among gifted children.

Careers and Occupations

Some gifted kids know what career path they want to follow practically since they were born. Others aren't sure even when they are seniors in high school. They may have zeroed in on one interest or they may have so many interests that it's hard for them to narrow it down.

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