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Top Construction Sets for Gifted Children


Updated May 23, 2014

Many gifted children love to build various kinds of structures. They may start out building towers out of simple wooden blocks, and progress to building complex structures from houses, boats and cars to structures that exist only in their imaginations.

Give your gifted child a chance to stretch his or her imagination with a variety of construction sets. Here are ten of the best!

My Best Blocks Building Sets

Happy baby in the garden playing with building blocks.
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The youngest children can play with blocks, so building block sets are always good to have on hand. And because children will be playing with them for years, it's a good idea to have quality sets that will last. High quality sets also have well-constructed pieces that fit smoothly and neatly together, which will help eliminate the frustration younger children often experiences. My Best Blocks sets are good quality sets with over 100 pieces!
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Melissa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set

This wonderful wooden set contains 44 blocks of eleven different shapes. The variety of shapes allows children to build anything from castles to cathedrals. This set will take children well beyond the usual simple block towers!
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Kapla Stacks Set

The best description for this building set is simple, but complex. The set consists of flat planks of wood, all the same shape and size. That's the simple part. Those pieces, however, can be combined and stacked in a wide variety of ways, allowing children to build just about any kind of structure and to build it quite high without it falling down. Kids can be creative while they learn about balance and even architecture. Adults will love these building planks as much as their kids do.

Brio Activity Building Set

Sometimes laying blocks on top of one another just isn't enough to satisfy the construction urge in some children, especially the more mechanically minded kids! This construction set is perfect for those kids. It contains seventy pieces, which include a variety of wooden planks and blocks as well as plastic wrenches, pliers, and other pieces used to connect the pieces together in as many ways as a child can imagine! For ages 3 and up.

Lego and Duplo Block Tubs

Legos are a favorite with children. Sets to build all kinds of structures, from buildings to vehicles to robots, are available. However, for the free reign of a child's imagination, the best bet is to get large tubs of a wide variety of pieces. Duplos are the same as legos, but they are larger and more therefore safer for children under three. These sets are great for strengthening small motor skills, especially for children who dislike coloring or any arts and crafts activities.
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K'Nex Construction Set Tub

K'Nex sets are made up primarily of rods and connection pieces. With these sets children can build cars, robots and creatures that exist only in their imaginations! Many different sets are available, but the best to have on hand on the tubs full of pieces that allow children to let their imaginations run free! For ages 6-12. (Contains small pieces)
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Connectagons are brightly colored wooden circles that kids can connect from anywhere on one circle to anywhere on another circle. And that's great for kids whose imaginations conjure up more free-form sculpture ideas. In the process of creating their sculptures, kids practice their spatial reasoning skills and learn basic principles of balance. The set contains 240 circles.

Rokenbok Construction Sets

These construction sets allow children to be junior engineers as they build various working models like garages, conveyors, and elevators. The basic starter set can be expanded with several expansion kits that stretch children's creativity and problem solving skills. Remote control trucks add to the fun. Even the adults in the family will enjoy building models. The recommended age for Rokenbok construction sets is six and up.
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Magz Magnetic Construction Sets

Magz construction sets use magnets to hold pieces together. They are great for kids who may get frustrated with other sets that require them to snap pieces together. But even children who enjoy other sets will enjoy Magz construction sets. These allow children to create shapes and constructions they can't make with some other sets. Imaginations can run free!
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Erector Sets

Erector sets have been around for over fifty years and continue to be a favorite of the mechanically minded child. Most pieces are metal and are put together with metal nuts and bolts. Sets are available to build almost anything imaginable, including dinosaur robots. For best imaginative play, larger sets with a variety of pieces are good for starters. For ages 5 and up. (Includes small pieces)
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