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How Do You Know If Your Child Is an Introvert?
Contrary to what most people think, an introvert is not simply a person who is shy. In fact, being shy has little to do with being an introvert!
Which Holidays Fall in February?
Some February holidays, like Jello Week and Read in the Bathtub Day, are just fun. Others, like Digital Learning Day, promote learning about ideas and people.
What It Means to Be an Extrovert
Most people believe that an extrovert is a person who is friendly and outgoing. While that may be true, that is not the true meaning of extroversion.
Special Days and Observances You Can Celebrate...
Explore all of the special days of the year that will interest gifted children. Have you celebrated 'Look on the Brightside Day' or 'Nerd Pride Day?'
Black History Month: Lesser Known Black...
Many Black Americans have contributed to America from the start, but they and their achievements, which have altered and enriched our lives, are unknown.
What is Intrinsic Motivation?
Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from inside an individual rather than from any external or outside rewards, such as money or grades.
What Are the Traits and Characteristics That...
What are the traits and characteristics that make gifted children stand out from their peers? Learn to distinguish giftedness with this checklist.
Is Your Child's Language Development Advanced?
One characteristic of gifted children is advanced language ability, which means these children reach developmental milestones relating to language earlier than developmental charts would indicate. This means that gifted children tend to talk earlier, have larger vocabularies, and use longer sentences than non-gifted children.
What is Extrinsic Motivation?
Extrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from factors outside an individual. The motivating factors are external, or outside, rewards such as money or grades.
Why Gifted Children Have Social and Emotional...
Gifted children may have social and emotional behavior problems due to their unique talents. Learn more about these problems and how to manage them.
How Children Learn Language in 3 Stages
Language learning is natural. Babies are born with the ability to learn it and that learning begins at birth. All children, no matter what language their parents speak, learn language much the same way. This learning takes place in three basic stages.
What do those IQ Scores Mean?
If your child has ever taken an IQ test, you probably wondered about the score. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, which is a person’s mental age divided by his or her chronological age. But what does your child’s score tell you about your child?
5 Ways to Identify What a Gifted Child Is
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The Truth About Introverts
Contrary to popular opinion, introverts are not asocial, nor are they friendless loners who lack social skills. They simply have different social needs and preferences.
Is your child misbehaving in school? It could...
Does your child misbehave in school? It could be that he or she is bored.
What Are Dabrowski's Five Overexcitabilities in...
Polish psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski identified five overexcitabilities in gifted children. Learn what they are and how to manage them.
Developmental Milestones - Three Months to Five...
The advanced development of gifted children is easier for parents and others to understand if they are familiar with typical childhood development.
Special Days and Observances in March
The month of March has some really fun and interesting days to celebrate. The days listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families. The month has also been set aside to focus on some special interests. You can find information and activities for the month as well as the special days in it.
5 Factors Parents Should Consider Before...
When parents first realize that their child might be gifted, they wonder about testing. Learn which steps to take before getting your child assessed.
How can you tell if your child is gifted? And...
Your child seems to be more advanced than other children of the same age. You think your child might be gifted. How can you tell? And does it matter?
9 Traits of Young Gifted Children and What to...
How old does a child have to be before he or she exhibits characteristics of giftedness? Gifted traits show up in toddlers.
9 Greatest Summer Camps for Gifted Children
Gifted children's love of learning doesn't stop during the summer months. Have a look at these summer camps designed for or appeal to gifted children.
10 Best Ways to Motivate Gifted Children
Parents of gifted children are often surprised and dismayed when the children underachieve in school. Learning disabilities in gifted children can sometimes lead to underachievement, but quite often it is simply a lack of motivation. What can parents do to motivate their gifted children?
Why Learning to Read Early May Be a Sign of...
Kids seem to be learning to read at younger ages, which may be a sign of giftedness. Not all early readers are gifted. Learn to tell the difference.
How to Raise an Introverted Child
What parent doesn't want to raise a happy and well-adjusted child? We read parenting books to learn about all the best strategies for raising children and we look for advice from friends, family and even parenting experts. However, sometimes the tips and advice we get don't take into account the fact that some children are introverts. If you have a child you think is introverted, what are the best ways to help your child?
3 Signs Your Child Might be Introverted
Do you worry because your child has few friends, is quiet, and is not outgoing? Are you always encouraging your child to make new friends, talk to the other kids and spend less time alone? All parents worry about their children, but if your child is an introvert, you may be worrying unnecessarily.
Signs Your Baby Might Be Gifted
Can infants show signs of being gifted? What are those signs?
How Parents Can Spot the Telltale Signs That a...
Even babies can behave in ways that reveal they're gifted. Learn how to recognize giftedness in infants with this review of signs to look out for.
How Shyness and Introversion Are Different
People often mistake introversion for shyness, but they are different. What is the difference between these two traits?
Have a Gifted Child with Emotional Sensitivity?...
Many gifted kids seem to take everything to heart and get upset by words or deeds other kids can ignore or get over quickly. What can you do about it?
Snow Painting Fun for Kids
Snow painting is a great winter activity for kids. It is a unique way to nurture artistic talent or introduce kids to the joy of artistic creation.
10 of the Best Toys For Gifted Children
Gifted children can quickly tire of the typical children's toy. They need toys that challenge them to think and hold their interest. These are the best!
7 Tips to Avoid Arguments with Gifted Children
Gifted kids, especially the verbally gifted ones, argue like lawyers. They make excellent arguments, but it's important for you to remain in charge.
What Is Asynchronous Development?
What exactly is asynchronous development and how does it affect gifted children and their families?
Making a Profile Silhouette
Silhouette cutting is a dying art these days, but your child can create a silhouette without being an artist - or even especially skilled with scissors! Depending on the age of your child, there are different ways to create a silhouette, but they are all based on the same basic principles.
How Can I Tell If My Child Is Gifted?
It's sometimes hard to be sure your child is gifted. You may think yes on some days and no on other days. Here are some ways to help you decide.
What Causes Inattention in Gifted Children?
A common myth of gifted children is that they are eager and attentive students. The truth is that they are often inattentive and appear to be distracted.
How Do Children Learn to Read? - Stages of...
Unlike learning language, though, learning to read is not natural. It has to be taught. And as complex as language is, reading is even more complex. So how exactly do children learn to read?
4 Ways to Find Someone to Test Your Child
You want to have your child tested, but you aren't sure how to get your child tested. Where do you go? Who should do the testing?
Why Is "Gifted" Such a Difficult Term to Define?
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Literacy Skills
What are literacy skills? They are all the skills children need to be able to read and write.
What Exactly Is Intelligence?
We all talk about intelligence, but what exactly is it? Simply put, it is the ability to learn.
Educational and Fun Ideas for the Special Days...
Keep your child busy and challenged with activities for monthly, weekly, one-day holidays and observances throughout the month of January.
What Is IQ?
People talk about IQ all the time, but what exactly is an IQ? What does it mean and why does it matter?
Does Your Gifted Child Have Trouble Falling...
A commonly noted characteristic of gifted children is their need for less sleep than other children. What is not so commonly noted, but commonly occurs, is the difficulty many gifted children have getting to sleep.
Quick Test for Giftedness
Sometimes it's not easy to tell if your child may be gifted. Take this simple test of giftedness that may point out some gifted traits.
What You Should Know About Dual Exceptionalities
Characteristics of giftedness that are similar to those of another condition like ADHD can cause gifted children to be misdiagnosed. Asking certain questions can help parents and others determine whether a child is gifted, has ADHD, or both. Page 3.
10 Best Toys for Gifted Toddlers
Like all gifted children, gifted toddlers need plenty of intellectual stimulation. These toys will provide your toddler with that stimulation.
Why Some Gifted Children are Bossy and What to...
Some gifted kids are bossy, which can be rather puzzling to parents when it exists in a child who is otherwise sensitive to the needs of others.
Heterogeneous Grouping
Heterogeneous grouping is a method of placing students in various classrooms.
10 Criteria to Use When Evaluating a School for...
Be prepared when you are looking for a school for your child. Use these ten criteria to evaluate the gifted program schools have to offer.
5 Ways to Keep Your Gifted Toddler or...
Parents of gifted toddlers and preschoolers worry that their children may be bored and wonder what they should do about it. The fact is that gifted toddlers are usually very easy to keep challenged, stimulated, and always learning.
Homogeneous Grouping
Homogeneous grouping, also known as self-contained classroom, is a term used in the education of gifted children.
Special Days and Observances in April
The month of April has some really fun and interesting days to celebrate. The days listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families. The month has also been set aside to focus on some special interests. You can find information and activities for the month as well as the special days in it.
Holidays and Special Days in the First Week of...
What holidays and special observances are in the first seven days of February? Are any of interest to gifted kids and their families? Yes
10 Construction Sets to Nurture Your Child's...
Construction sets can help kids stretch their imaginations and nurture their creativity. Here are ten of the best sets perfect for gifted kids.
Dealing with Your Child's Asynchronous...
One very frustrating aspect of parenting a gifted child is their uneven development, known as asynchronous development. It is frustrating and sometimes confusing for parents because these children don't always act their age - their chronological age.
Tips to help your child learn to write...
Many gifted children love reading biographies. Why not encourage your child to write one!
High Achiever
High achievers are often confused with gifted children and while the two categories sometimes overlap, high achievers are not necessarily gifted, while some gifted children are underachievers. So what is a high achiever?
Understanding Underachievement in Gifted Children
Parents of gifted children are often surprised and dismayed when their children underachieve in school. The key to helping an underachiever succeed is understanding the causes of underachievement.
7 Math and Science Camps for GIfted Kids
From film making to video game design, from computer programming to exploring space, there is a summer camp that's perfect for your gifted child.
How Can I Get My Ten-Year-Old Child to Stop...
Some gifted children seem preoccupied with death and dying and getquite upset when they think about it. What can you do to comfort them and help them understand?
4 Ways to Get Your Child to Do Homework
Who would think that gifted children have problems with homework? The most common problem is that they don’t do it. What can parents do?
10 Best Books for Gifted Children
Some books are just so perfect for gifted children they can't be passed up. Here is a list with ten of the best.
Gifted Children FAQs
Whether you are just starting out on your journey as the parent of a gifted child or you've known for a while that your child is gifted, you have no doubt been plagued by numerous questions. And you might have noticed that it can be hard to find the answers to those questions. Find your answers in these FAQs.
3 Things Gifted Kids Need
We often hear about gifted kids who don't reach their potential. Here are three factors that contribute to success.
Does your child seem to like taking things...
Does your child seem to be more interested in taking things apart than in putting them together? Do you feel you have to hide all your mechanical possessions to keep them from being taken apart?
Get Your Picky Eaters to Eat with These School...
It can be difficult to get a picky eater to eat at home, but when you also have the pack a lunch for school, the task becomes even more difficult. Here are several ideas on what to send to school with your picky eater.
AP Courses
AP, or Advanced Placement, Courses are college-level courses that a student can take in high school. Such courses, although controversial, are found to be beneficial to students.
10 George Washington Biographies for Kids
George Washington is one of my favorite U.S. presidents. He was a man of extraordinary character and honor, and integrity. As the first president of the United States, he set the tone for the presidency, and was quite conscience of how his behavior would influence the behavior of future presidents and the future of the fledgling nation. Gifted children will enjoy this biography of the first American president. They will appreciate his honor, integrity, and commitment to his country and its people, as well as his sacrifice and empathy. Here are some excellent biographies of George Washington, for a variety of ages.
A phoneme is the smallest unit of meaningful sound in a language.
Starting your journey as a gifted parent
Learning or suspecting that your child is gifted can be overwhelming and even lead to some confusion. You can't learn everything at once. Start here!
What Is Dabrowski's Emotional Overexcitability...
The emotional overexcitability is one of Dabrowski's supersensitivities common in gifted children.
What will your child to learn about numbers and...
What will children learn about numbers and math in kindergarten? What are they expected to know at the end of the kindergarten year?
A goal is something that we want enough that we make an effort to reach it. A goal is not the same as a want. So what exactly is a goal?
State Gifted Associations
Find a state or organization or association for parents and teachers of gifted children.
Before You Decide to Homeschool Your Gifted Child
Gifted children do not always find school challenging enough for them. Parents will often try to supplement school work with additional learning activities at home, but eventually they wonder if homeschooling might not be the best option. Parents who are considering homeschooling should take some time to think about the decision and what is required.
What is the Right Score for Admittance to a...
Your child has been denied entry into your school's gifted program because his or her test score wasn't high enough. Does the school have the right cut-off score? Find out in this FAQ.
Special Days and Observances in May
May is the month we finally start to see some warm weather. It's also a month packed with special days and observance gifted kids are sure to love.
4 Ways to Deal with Your Adult-Thinking Gifted...
We’ve all heard of child-like adults, adults who have the heart and spirit of children. Gifted kids are the opposite; they are adult-like children, who often seem to think and act like adults. More importantly, they sometimes feel like adults. This feeling can lead to frustration for both the gifted child and the adults around them.
10 Great Games for Gifted Children
Gifted children enjoy many of the same games, like Monopoly, that other children enjoy. Here are ten great games for gifted children.
6 Math Games that are fun for the whole family
Some children struggle with math; others love it and can't get enough of numbers. Kids who love math will enjoy these games. Other kids will learn!
What can you celebrate and learn about in August?
The month of August has some really fun and interesting days to celebrate. The days listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families.
What is the Test Ceiling?
Test scores of gifted children are not always accurate because of test ceilings, sometimes called the ceiling effect.
Space Camp - An Ideal Program for Gifted...
Does your child gaze up at the stars and dream of space travel? Space Camp might be the ideal place for him. Children as young as seven can attend.
At what age can you determine whether your...
Schools generally don't identify gifted children until third grade. Parents often recognize giftedness long before that. At what age can one determine whether a child is gifted?
Ways for Parents to Respond to Gifted Kids...
Trying to answer the never-ending questions gifted kids ask can be exhausting and frustrating. Luckily, there are some strategies that can help.
What is Mensa and Why Do People Join?
You've no doubt heard of Mensa, but do you know what the organization actually is? Is it no more than people with high IQs and big egos? This description gives you the answer.
5 Tips for Getting Picky Eaters to Eat
If your child is a picky eater, you are certainly not alone! Why are some children so picky about what they eat and what can you do about it?
Hyperlexia - Is it a sign of giftedness or...
Hyperlexia is a syndrome characterized by an intense fascination with letters or numbers and an advanced reading ability. It is one of the disorders on the autism spectrum.
Understanding Gifted Children - Chart Comparing...
The number one question asked by parents of advanced children is whether their child is gifted or 'just' bright. They also may question whether their child is gifted if he or she is not excelling in school. Here is a chart that can help parents understand the differences, not only between high achievers and gifted children, and also between gifted and creative learners.
What is the Purpose of a Self-Contained...
A self-contained classroom is one in which the students share similar academic requirements.
Top 5 Ways to Nurture Gifted Children
"Is my child gifted?" That is the question asked most often by parents of gifted children . After that
What Your Child will Learn in Kindergarten...
What ELA skills are children expected to learn in Kindergarten? While the goals may vary somewhat from state to state, there are some typical expectations.
Can straight A's be a sign of trouble?
Most parents want their children to do well in school, and that usually means getting A's. They believe that good grades will help guarantee that their children will lead happy, productive, and successful lives. However, straight A's can actually be a sign that your child isn't learning what he needs to learn in order to be successful in life.
Starting Kindergarten Early
Gifted children are often ready to begin school at age 4, but most of the time laws require children to wait until they are at least 5. Schools can usually waive the requirement, but they tend to discourage early entry. Is early entry into school a good idea for gifted children? Page 2.
What math concepts do children learn in first...
What are children expected to know by the end of first grade? What should you do if your child has already mastered what is expected?
Are you suffering from Impostor Syndrome?
Are you afraid the people might find out you aren't as accomplished as they think you are? You might have Impostor Syndrome.
How does the family affect underachievement?
Gifted children whose performance in school does not match their abilities are often referred to as underachievers. What exactly is underachievement?
What will your child learn in kindergarten?
What are kids expected to know at the end of kindergarten? Goals vary from state to state, but there are some general guidelines for a curriculum.
Black History Month
It's probably not news to you that February is Black History Month. Why do we need a month devoted to this history of Black Americans? After all, we know the
Underachievement of Verbally Gifted Children
What skills do kids need in order to succeed in school? Most people would no doubt say verbal skills - reading, writing, and speaking - are among the most important skills needed for success. So it seems logical to believe that verbally gifted children be at an advantage since they tend to be good readers and are good with language. Right? It may surprise you, but that may not be right. Verbally gifted children may actually be more at risk for underachievement than many other children.
Underachievement occurs when a child's performance is below what is expected based on the child's ability.
What you should know about Dabrowski's Sensual...
The sensual overexcitability is one of Dabrowski's supersensitivities common in gifted children.
What is a Self-Taught Reader?
Early reading often appears on lists of the characteristics of gifted children. What is a self-taught reader?
What does it mean to "hothouse" children?
Hothouse children are children whose parents push them into learning more quickly and earlier than is appropriate for the cognitive age of the children.
Parents' Guide To IQ Testing and Gifted Education
Book Review: Parents' Guide to IQ Testing. Questions about IQ testing come up for nearly all parents of gifted children. Parents can understand some basic information about testing, but they will no doubt have many more questions. For those looking for more in-depth information about IQ testing, the Parents' Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education is a must-have book.
Could your baby's fussiness be a sign he's...
Even in infancy gifted children need mental stimulation. It's usually quite simple to provide it.
Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration
Polish psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski devised the only existing theory of moral development. Like theories of physical or intellectual development, this theory is comprised of progressive levels of moral development. Although it has five levels, few people make it past the third level. Some people, in fact, are stuck between levels three and four and are mistakenly identified as neurotic.
Why You Should Get Your Gifted Child Tested
To test or not to test. That is the question many parents of gifted children ask about IQ tests. What's the right answer?
How to Make a Gifted Kid
Gifted kids are so easy to care for. They never have problems socially, academically, or emotionally. Now you can make one of your very own. Here's how!
Why Achievement Should Not Be Used to Determine...
Ability can't be seen, but achievement can. That's why achievement is used so often to determine if a child is gifted. But that's not a good idea.
Did you know Abe Lincoln was a gifted kid?
People forget that gifted kids grow up and the traits that made them gifted kids don't disappear. Here are some of Lincoln's traits that indicate he was a gifted kid all grown up.
Special Days and Observances in June
The month of June has some really fun and interesting days to celebrate. The days listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families. The month has also been set aside to focus on some special interests. You can find information and activities for the month as well as the special days in it.
Why Memory Plays an Important Role in Helping...
Learn more about the link between brain maturity, working memory and reading readiness with this overview of the literacy process in young children.
8 Dictionaries Perfect for Gifted Kids
Gifted kids love to learn and what better way to nurture that love than to provide some dictionaries? Some dictionaries are just what we expect - they provide definitions of unfamiliar terms. Other dictionaries, though, can provide information on concepts, such as those in science.
Premature Birth and Giftedness
Evaluating the development of a preemie who is also a gifted child can be difficult. For one thing, even though signs of giftedness can be seen in infants, those signs will probably not appear until quite some time after the baby's birth. In addition, because preemies often experience developmental delays, the signs can be even harder to spot.
What Does Ben Carson 's Story Tell Us About...
Dr. Ben Carson's life is a lesson for life - and for gifted education.
10 toys to encourage a love of music in kids of...
Encouraging a love of music in your child is one of the best things you can do. No need to be musical; just expose your child to music and musical instruments.
What can you do to nurture your gifted child?
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How do you know if private school is right for...
Parents of gifted children often look to private schools as an alternative to public ones. Which private schools offer good programs for gifted kids?
Why Parents and Teachers Should Let Children...
Parents often wonder if they should tell children they're gifted. Letting kids know why they stand out can help them and their socialization skills.
Special Days and Observances in October
The month of October has some really fun and interesting days to celebrate. The days listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families. The month has also been set aside to focus on some special interests. You can find information and activities for the month as well as the special days in it.
10 Stimulating Toys for Gifted Babies
Signs of giftedness appear early, as early as infancy. Like all gifted children, gifted babies need stimulation, both sensual and mental. These toys will provide your infant with the stimulation he or she needs.
5 Ideas for Creative Writing Stories to Share...
Does your child like to write, but have trouble coming up with story ideas? Here are some ideas that can help.
Help Your Child Set Goals
It can be difficult to reach goals, but for some gifted kids, it can be nearly impossible. It's not that they are incapable of reaching goals, but the way they go about setting their goals and working to attain them.
Math Fiction Books for Gifted Children
Everyone recognizes how important it is for children to learn math and understand mathematical concepts. Some kids pick up math easily and some don't. Fiction books based on math are perfect for both kinds of kids. These books have fun stories, word play and riddles, all of which makes learning math fun, even for kids who like math to begin with!
10 Books About Computers for Computer Loving Kids
Although today's kids may be as comfortable with computers as their parents are with toasters, they may want more than comfort. Some want to know how computers work and how they are programmed. These books will help them learn.
Globally Gifted
The term globally gifted is used to refer to children who are evenly gifted, or gifted in all or most areas, usually in both math and verbal.
5 Ideas for Valentine's Day Crafts, Food, and Fun
Valentine's Day is celebrated by people of all ages. Enjoy the day and help your child enjoy it too with these 5 ideas for crafts, games, and activities.
What is a Pull-Out Program for Gifted Students?
A pull-out program is one in which gifted children are taken out of their classroom for one or more hours a week and given additional instruction.
What You Need to Know about the Zone of...
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Why Gifted Children Excel in Schools That Meet...
Gifted children have social and academic challenges that make them prone to acting out or underachieving if schools don't meet their special needs.
creative Valentine's Day fun activities nurture...
Valentine's Day activities for kids are fairly easy to find. How many of them, though, encourage and nurture your child's creativity? Those kinds of activities might be a little harder to find. With a little creativity of your own, you find some activities or come up with your own! Here are some ideas to get you started.
The One Time It's Okay to Tease a Gifted Child
What does a gifted child like more than an intellectual challenge? The puzzles listed here not only offer some mental challenges, they are portable!
2 great tips to help calm your child's fears
Gifted kids may have great vivid imaginations, but those vivid imaginations can lead to some very intense fears. What can you do to calm those fears?
Biographies of 6 Gifted Women
History is full of gifted and accomplished women. Some of them, like Marie Curie, are very well known, although all their accomplishments may not be. Others, like Fanny Mendelssohn are not very well known at all. Here are some biographies of just a few of these gifted women. Their lives and their accomplishments are quite inspirational! If you have a gifted daughter, you might want to share these with her.
Where can I take my 18 month old to see if he's...
Your toddler has hit developmental milestones early and you feel that you need help keeping his mind stimulated. Where can you go to find out if he is gifted? Find out in this FAQ.
Tips for Talking With Your Gifted Child's Teacher
All children, even gifted children, can encounter problems in school. When this happens, the child's success can be helped or hampered by the relationship between the child's teacher and parents. Learn how to discuss school issues with your child's teacher in ways that can help your child.
Are these the same? High achiever, gifted...
How can we understand the difference between high achievers, gifted learners, and creative thinkers? Or are they the same?
Verbally Gifted
Being verbally gifted means that a child has strong language skills. What skills does that include?
Books About Rosa Parks for Kids
Rosa Parks was an amazing woman whose simple act of courage started a movement that changed America. Kids can learn all about her in these books.
Follow my journey through gifted parenting:...
What is it like raising a gifted child? This article provides one mom's stories of her experiences.
What you need to know about terms for behavior,...
What's the best way to understand gifted children? There really is no best way, but learning the meanings of the terms used to talk about them can make a difference.
4 Books About Flying Kites
These stories about flying kites are sure to be hits with young children - and encourage them to fly their own kites!
How to Determine if a Child Is Gifted or Simply...
When parents notice that children seem to learn faster than others, they wonder if their kids are gifted or not. Learn to tell the difference.
What kind of school is best for gifted kids?...
Gifted children need to be challenged in school in order to thrive. What kind of school can provide the challenges these children need? Can a public school provide the challenges or do parents need to send their gifted child to a private school?
Fairy and Folk Tales from Europe
Both fairy tales tell us a lot about the values and the belief system of the cultures that generate them. Fairy tales include fairies and other such magical creatures while folktales include just people. But regardless of their characters, both of entertain us! Here are some fairy tales and folktales from various European cultures.
The Importance of the Gifted Label
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Creating Gifted Children - Nature or Nurture?
Many people believe that it is possible to create a gifted child by providing the right instruction and nurturing. Is it really possible to create a gifted child? Or are gifted children simply born that way?

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