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Young Gifted Children

Parenting a young gifted child can be as puzzling as the children themselves! They seem to race through many of the developmental milestones of their first months and years of life. Looking for guidance in the typical child rearing books doesn't seem to help much. The children described in those books don't always sound like our children and the tried-and-true parenting advice they give doesn't always work.
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Premature Birth and Giftedness
Evaluating the development of a preemie who is also a gifted child can be difficult. For one thing, even though signs of giftedness can be seen in infants, those signs will probably not appear until quite some time after the baby's birth. In addition, because preemies often experience developmental delays, the signs can be even harder to spot.

Signs of Giftedness in Infants
Can infants show signs of being gifted? What are those signs?

Gifted Babies
When do signs of giftedness first appear? Some people believe giftedness first becomes apparent sometime after a child starts school. However, it is actually possible to recognize giftedness even in infants.

Characteristics of Young Gifted Children
How old does a child have to be before he or she exhibits characteristics of giftedness? Gifted traits show up in toddlers. In fact, some of them can be seen even in infants!

Stop a Fussy Gifted Baby From Fussing
Even in infancy gifted children need mental stimulation. It's not always hard to provide it. \

Characteristics of Young Gifted Children -- QAGTC
This article from the Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children has an interesting discussion of the characteristics of young gifted children.

Young Gifted Children
This article from the Gifted Children's Association of British Columbia in Canada is a thorough overview of young gifted children. It covers identification, characteristics, early reading, facility with numbers, "pushy" parenting and much more. It is a pdf file.

Early Signs of Giftedness
This article provides handy checklists of gifted traits seen in children from birth to age two and from age two to age four.

The Highly Gifted Baby
Many people don't believe that you can tell a child is gifted until they are older, in third grade. This article provides evidence that even infants can exhibit signs of being gifted. (Be assured, though, a child can still be gifted even if he or she does not show such obvious signs.)

Parenting Gifted Preschoolers
Here's an article about gifted children that has it all -- characteristics of gifted toddlers, parenting issues, and nurturing activities.

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