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Raising a gifted child can be fun and exciting, but it can also be frustrating and exhausting. Where can you go for help?

If you are lucky, you know other parents of gifted children with whom you can share stories -- without worrying that they think you are bragging. It's also reassuring to be able to get advice and support from parents who know what it is like to be the parent of a gifted child.

If you don't know other parents, learn how to find them, both online and in person.
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Infinity and Zebra Stripes
Book Review: Infinity and Zebra Stripes. Gifted parenting often feels like a solitary pursuit. Parents may feel as though no one else understands the challenges of raising gifted children or advocating for them at school. This book will help parents of gifted children feel less alone as the author shares her experiences.

A Parent's Guide To Gifted Children
Book Review: A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children. Parents of gifted children, like many parents, look for parenting books to help them understand their children and be the best parents they can be. This book is one of the best available for parents of gifted children.

Parents' Guide To IQ Testing and Gifted Education
Book Review: Parents' Guide to IQ Testing. Questions about IQ testing come up for nearly all parents of gifted children. Parents can understand some basic information about testing, but they will no doubt have many more questions. For those looking for more in-depth information about IQ testing, the Parents' Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education is a must-have book.

Books on Parenting Gifted Children
Parents of gifted children soon discover that most books on parenting don't seem to apply to their children. These parents need books specifically about parenting gifted children. Here are ten of the best books available. They range from beginner books with basic information to more detailed books.

When Your Child Needs a Counselor
We would all like to live a perfect life, one where our children have all their needs met and are happy, healthy, and secure. Unfortunately, that kind of life is not the kind of life many of us lead. Instead, we may find ourselves needing to seek a therapist or counselor to help.

Coping with the Isolation of Gifted Parenting
Being the parent of a gifted child isn't easy, especially when you find yourself feeling isolated and alone with few other parents who understand the kinds of issues you face.

How to Start a Parent Group
Are you interested in starting a group for parents of gifted children but don’t know how to begin? You must consider several factors, including the kind of focus you want for your group (support or advocacy), the format for your meetings, and a place to hold them.

State Gifted Associations
One of the best places to go for resources on gifted children and gifted education is your state's gifted organization. Most states have them, and those that don't have someone in their Department of Education who is in charge of gifted education. Find contact information for your state.

State-by-State Gifted Education Policies and Legislation
This site provides information on the policies and legislation on gifted education for every state in the United States.

Gifted Email Lists
Parents of gifted children often feel isolated and alone. Other parents don't seem to understand the issues they face with their children and they don't know other parents to talk to. Joining an email list is the next best thing to face-to-face contact.

Book List—Recommended Reading
The Talent Identification Program at Duke University has put together a recommended reading list for parents of gifted children. Topics include every possible issue involving gifted children: talent development, dual exceptionalities, gifted boys, gifted girls, education, underachievement and much more.

Gifted Conferences
Gifted conferences are great places to go for information on and help with gifted children. Many state gifted associations sponsor an annual conference, but other conferences take place across the country. They can be expensive, but then many also have a special parent session that is either free or relatively inexpensive. Here's a list of upcoming conferences.

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