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Outdoor Winter Toys

Fun Activities During the Winter Months


Updated December 07, 2012

Getting the kids to go outdoors and play in the winter is easier when they have some of these great winter toys. 

1. Instep Monster Dino kids Snowshoes

These snowshoes are perfect for the dinosaur buff in the family. What's better than learning about dinosaurs? Leaving dinosaur foot prints in the snow! And the best part of this activity is that it gets the kids out in the fresh air and gives them some good exercise.

2. Snow Dino Kit

If your child loves dinosaurs, this is a great idea for building something more than a typical snowman. This kit provides some "accessories" that allow snow builders to shape a dinosaur out of snow. For a perfect look, the kids can walk around the snow dino and the rest of the yard with the dino snowshoes!

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3. Flexible Flyer Snow Block Maker

One fun outdoor activity for the kids is building an igloo. It's not something that can be completed in a couple hours on one day, so building one is going to have the kids wanting to go outside for a while every day until they get their igloo done. To help them get the job done a little faster - so they can spend time playing in the igloo - they can create blocks faster with this snow block maker. To make it go even faster, get one block for each member of the family. You won't need to put the blocks away for the summer either. Your kids can use them in the sand box and at the beach too!

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4. L.L.Bean Snow Castle Package

If your kids would rather have a snow castle than a simple igloo, consider getting one or two of these packages. Each package contains two block makers and one turret maker. There's a limit to the number of turrets that can be made, so the two snow block makers will come in quite handy. However, if the whole family wants to take part in castle making, you'll probably need more than two block makers.

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5. How to Build an Igloo: And Other Snow Shelters

This item isn't actually a toy; it's a book. However, it's a great book that provides step-by-step instructions for building an igloo.It contains 100 line drawings that even the kids will enjoy. It's written by Norbert Yankielun, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers researcher, and provides an excellent guide for building igloos and other structures.

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6. Arctic Bunker

What if there just isn't enough time to build an igloo? Or what if it doesn't snow enough where you live? Whether you have snow or not, this inflatable Arctic Bunker is a great outdoor toy for the kids. It's designed just like an igloo and is sturdy enough to stand strong against snowballs. It can also be used all year long and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

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