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Hanukkah Toys and Puzzles


Updated December 19, 2011

Hanukhah, sometimes referred to as the Festival of Lights, is not as significant a holiday in Judaism as Christmas is in Christianity, even though they occur at the same time of year. However, it is still a time that parents can share the stories and traditions of Judaism with their children. One way to share the stories of Hanukkah is through the many wonderful children's books about Hanukkah. Another way is through toys and puzzles with a Hanukkah theme. Here are some good ones!

1. KidKraft Chanukah Set

This wooden set is a wonderful way to teach children about the traditions of Hanukkah. It comes with a menorah, latkes, a pan, a spatula, six gold "coins", a dreidel, and a storage bag. The markings on the latkes give them a realistic look, the coins have the Star of David on them, and the best part is that the "flame" part of the menorah are removable, which means that your child can "light" the candles on the correct days, if they want to. The pieces are sturdy and wear well so the colors don't come off or fade with use.
3 and up
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2. Little People: Hanukkah Play Set

Fisher Price makes great play sets for kids and this one is no different. Kids will love playing with this set. It includes all this: a refrigerator and stove (with doors that open), cookware, foods for the traditional meal, a hutch, silver coins, 8 presents, a table, 4 chairs, 6 Little People figures (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, baby girl, and her little brother), and a Menorah that lights up and plays a traditional Hanukkah tune! Your child can put the characters in their chairs and put them around the table, and open (and close) the presents.
3 and up.
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3. Rite-Lite Judaica '101 Things To Do for Chanukah' Creative Fun Activity Set

If you want to help your child focus on Hannukah and encourage some creativity, too, then this set is a good way to do it. It includes paint, crayons, glitter, color-your-own stickers, a color-your-own puzzle, magnetic strips, pom-poms, markers, sequins, Hanukkah foam shapes, and two books full of activity pages -- 101 fun things to do!
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4. Chanukah Box Of Questions

This is a wonderful way to share stories and traditions of Hanukkah. The questions are great ways to start conversations: Why does Hanukkah start on a different day each year? What three values does your family cherish most? What are your favorite foods to eat when you celebrate Hanukkah? Those are just three of the questions that can start a conversation among the family members.
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5. Happy Chanukah Teddy Bear with Plush Dreidel

Does your child love stuffed bears? What child doesn't, right? This one is so adorable. It is a cute white bear with a blue nose. It has a sewed-on blue yarmulka and holds a blue plush dreidel. And on the bottom of his feet are embroidered blue Menorahs. Your child will surely want to cuddle with this adorable little guy.
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6. Chanukah Wood Peg Puzzle

This is a wonderful starter puzzle for the little ones. The wooden puzzle has Hanukkah related shapes that your child will fit into the right shaped hole in the frame. The shapes include a Menorah, presents, a dreidel, coins, food, and a Happy Hannukkah banner.
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7. KidKraft Chanukah Puzzle

This colorful thirty-piece wooden puzzle is in the shape of a Menorah. Your child will love putting it together and what's really nice is that each candle is a separate piece and so is each flame! That means that a child could "light" each candle on the right day -- but your child will probably want to put this puzzle together several times a day. Maybe he can put it together several times during Hanukkah and stop with the flames, putting the right piece on the right candle the last time he puts the puzzle together for the day.

8. Double Sided Chanukah Jigsaw Puzzle 50 Piece

This puzzle is for kids who love puzzles with a little more of a challenge. Your child might have moved on to puzzles with more than 50 pieces, but this one is two sided. Each side has a different Hanukkah-themed picture, so not only does your child have to fit the pieces together, but she has to match them so that they are for the same picture!

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