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Building More Than Snowmen


Updated January 05, 2011

Are you familiar with the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons? Many parents of gifted kids recognize their kids in the character of Calvin. Calvin was never happy creating simple snowmen. He always had to create something...unusual. While I wouldn't suggest you encourage your child to be quite so "creative," I would suggest that you encourage some creativity in snowman building. Here are some examples of some unique snow "creatures." Has your child created a great snow creature? Would you like to share a photo of it here? Send me a photo and I'll try to include it!
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  1. Fallen SnowmanFallen Snowman
  2. Snowman Sitting on a BenchSnowman Sitting on a Bench
  3. Rabbit Made of SnowRabbit Made of Snow
  4. Cat Made of SnowCat Made of Snow
  5. Snow AlienSnow Alien
  6. Snow DogDog Made of Snow
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