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Top 10 Animated Movies Gifted Children Will Love


Updated October 07, 2013

Gifted children enjoy animated movies as much as other children do, but the one they like best are the ones that feature the characteristics they admire like loyalty, honor, friendship and courage. They also tend to feature gifted characters, like Belle in Beauty and the beast. Here are ten good movies that will appeal to gifted kids. Here are ten of the best animated movies for gifted children.

1. Shrek and Shrek 2

These hilarious movies are about the escapades of the lovable ogre Shrek. In the first movie, Shrek goes on a quest to rescue a princess. In the sequel, Shrek visits his in-laws, royalty, who aren't too happy with the idea of having an ogre for a son-in-law. The movie's themes are those that appeal to gifted children: friendship, acceptance of differences, loyalty, and honor. The satiric references to fairy tales make these movies enjoyable to the adults, while children love the characters and the story. The soundtrack of each movie is wonderful.
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2. Beauty and the Beast

Belle, the beautiful daughter of an eccentric inventor, is not well understood by the people in her village. They think she is odd because she is always reading and dreaming of far-off places. They are concerned with outer appearances, while Belle, her father, and eventually the Beast, are more concerned with what is on the inside. Gifted children will be able to relate to the theme of feeling different and not fitting in. The movie has some serious moments, but also some very funny ones, and the songs are wonderful.
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3. Lion King

Lion King is one of the best animated films ever made. It combines humor with serious themes, which is difficult to do well. Timon and Pumba provide much of the comic relief. Some sensitive gifted children may get upset when Simba's father dies, but it also introduces the idea of the circle of life, which parents can use to discuss the issues their children might have with life and death. The movie covers many favorite themes of gifted children: loyalty, friendship, and honor. It also covers issues of responsibility and forgiveness. The soundtrack and songs are excellent.
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4. Mulan

Mulan is a young Chinese girl who can't seem to do what she is supposed to do in order to bring honor to her family. She is too independent to be the kind of submissive woman that the matchmaker will accept as an acceptable bride. Feeling terribly out of place and ashamed, Mulan sneaks off to take her father's place in the Chinese army. Her intelligence, skill, and non-conformity help save China from the invading Mongols, which ends up bringing her family more honor than she could have brought them by becoming a submissive bride. Gifted kids will love Mulan's triumph and everyone will love the music.
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5. Brave Little Toaster

Brave Little Toaster doesn't get the credit it deserves. It is about a toaster and his appliance friends who set off on a journey to find their young "master." They dwell in a vacation cottage, and when a "for sale" sign goes up in the front yard, they realize that their master and his family are never coming back. Some people focus on concepts of obsolescence and abandonment, the main themes of the movie are friendship, loyalty, and courage. Some children may be upset at the "nightmare" scene, but probably only those already afraid of clowns. The movie isn't as glitzy as some, but it is well worth watching.
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6. Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective is another underrated movie. The title character is Basil of Baker Street, the Sherlock Holmes of the mouse world. He is hired by a little girl mouse to find her father, who has been abducted by the evil Ratigan. Adults will enjoy the cute references to Sherlock Holmes, including the name Basil. (Basil Rathbone was the actor who played Sherlock in film of the 1940s.) Many gifted children enjoy mysteries, so they will enjoy this movie on that level. But they will also enjoy the story and the triumph of good over evil.
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7. An American Tail

Fievel, a Jewish Russian mouse, and his family emigrate to America after their village is burned, but then tire of their life running and hiding from cats in New York City. Tricked with many other mice by cats who convince them that there are no cats in the west, Fievel and his family begin a trip out west, but on the way Fievel gets lost. The story then covers Fievel's attempts to reunite with his family and save them and the rest of the mice from the unscrupulous cats who plan to eat them. Fievel is joined by a mouse-loving vegetarian cat. This movie's themes of friendship, family and courage appeal to gifted kids.
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8. Robots

This story just about has it all: being different, pursuing dreams, finding courage, friendship, and loyalty. Rodney is a robot who has dreams of inventing things and making the world a better place. He travels to the big city to meet his idol, a master inventor, but discovers that his idol has retired and his business is being run by a slick robot, who plots to eliminate older model robots by stopping the production of spare parts. Many of these robots include his new-found friends. Rodney leads them on a quest to get the factory back on track and save the lives of robots who couldn't exist without spare parts.
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9. Hercules

Hercules is a movie that explores what it means to be a real hero. Hercules, the son of Zeus, is made part mortal by Hades, god of the underworld. He learns that the only way to regain his status as a full god is to become a hero. He undergoes "hero training," and then does a great deal of rescuing and saving, but it's not until he is willing to sacrifice his life for another that he becomes a hero and is once again allowed on Mount Olympus. The whole family will love the story and the music, and the kids will appreciate the themes of love and sacrifice.
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10. Rescuers

Bernard and Miss Bianca are two mice from the International Rescue Aid Society, a strictly mouse organization. They are assigned the job of rescuing Penny, an orphan girl who was adopted by the evil Medusa. Medusa did not care about Penny; she just planned to use her to get the Devil's Eye Diamond. Although some sensitive children might be upset with Penny's fate as an orphan and worry that similar fates could await other orphans, they will still, along with most other kids, delight in the defeat of Medusa and the adoption of Penny by a loving family.
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