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All parents want the best for their children and parents of gifted children are no different. Parents of gifted children sometimes feel a heightened sense of responsibility to help their children make the most of their abilities. As the parent of a gifted child, what can you do to do nurture your child's abilities?
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American Artist Appreciation Month
What would life be without art? It touches the soul. If your child is a budding artist, you probably don't need to encourage an appreciation of art and artists, but you can still encourage him to learn about American artists and August is the perfect month to do it. It's American Artist Appreciation Month!

Fun with Spoonerisms
What is a spoonerism? It's just a tip of the slung. Oops! I mean it's a slip of the tongue. We all make such slips, switching the consonants of two words around, and sometimes the results are quite funny. You might be frustrated with your college student for not spending his time wisely in his first year of school, so you tell him, "You've...

How to Be an Inventor
Help your child be an inventor! Many of us are fascinated by stories of how some products we use every day were invented. Not all inventions are created by corporations nor are all inventions created on purpose. Some inventions are actually mistakes (like post-it notes) while others (like velcro) are created by curious and observant individuals.

Fun and Easy Spring Activities
Spring is a great time to get the kids out of the house and into the fresh air. Here are a few simple and fun things to do.

How Do I Nurture My Gifted Child?
Finding out your child is gifted inevitably leads to the question of what to do about it. Some parents worry that they will do the wrong things or that they aren't smart, talented, or educated enough to provide what their child needs. However, all it really takes is a little understanding and creativity.

Ways to Nurture Gifted Children
Is my child gifted? That is the question asked most often by parents of gifted children. After that question, the most frequently asked question is How do I nurture my gifted child? Here are five simple answers to that question.

Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children
A common problem parents of young gifted children face is trying to convince educators that their child needs more challenging work. Educators often believe that these kids are too emotionally immature to be advanced when the kids are simply displaying typical uneven development.

When Does Nurturing a Gifted Child Become Pushing?
Parents are rightfully proud of their child's abilities and talents. They are also right to provide opportunities that will nurture those abilities and talents. But when does nurturing become pushing?

Nurturing or Pushing Gifted Children -- How to Know the Difference
Parents of gifted children often feel an almost overwhelming sense of responsibility after learning their child is gifted. They want to be sure they are doing everything they should be doing to nurture and support their children, yet they worry that they might be pushing their children.

Violin for Children
It's never too early to expose your child to music - and I don't mean playing Mozart for him while he's in the womb! I'm talking about providing your child with music lessons. Children can start with the violin at a very young age.

Piano for Children
Encouraging a love of music in your child is one of the best things you can do for him, even if you aren't musical yourself. It's never too early to expose your child to music - and I don't mean playing Mozart for him while he's in the womb! I'm talking about giving your child piano lessons.

Creative Ways to Foster Creativity
Academically gifted children, those whose exceptional abilities are in school subjects like language and math, are generally the focus of gifted programming in schools. What about creatively gifted children? What can be done to foster the creativity of these children?

Dinosaur Fun
It's hard to find a child anywhere who isn't fascinated by dinosaurs. Fortunately, for the legions of children who want to learn about dinosaurs, play games about dinosuars, play with dinosaurs, watch movies about dinosaurs, there are plenty of options that can make them happy.

Learning Civics
Learning the Election Process

Generating Story Ideas
Does your child like to write, but have trouble coming up with story ideas? Here are some ideas that can help.

Appreciating Punctuation
Part of being a good writer is knowing how to use punctuation. Knowing the rules of punctuation is only part of knowing how to use it!

Writing Fiction
Writing fiction can be a wonderful creative outlet. This is true for creative children as well as creative adults, and it's especially true of the verbally gifted, who love words and love to play with them. Creative writing makes much use of figurative language, which is one way to play with words and ideas. It's not that other forms of writing...

Suggestions To Turn On Bright Children at Home
The Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children has some wonderful ideas for activities to do at home that will challenge and entertain gifted children.

Nurturing Appreciation of Reading
Many gifted children are early readers and love reading. This article provides some suggestions to keep that love alive. However, the activities are just as useful for the non-readers to encourage a love of reading.

Foreign Language Learning for Kids
Does your child love words? Is she intrigued by other languages? Give her an opportunity to learn a new language.

How to Make the Most of Visits to the Library With Your Gifted Child
Parents of gifted children are always looking for ways to nurture their children's abilities and feed their need for intellectual challenge and stimulation. One free resource is frequently overlooked -- the local library. Here's how to make the most of visits to the library.

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