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Family Holiday Activities

Fun for the Whole Family


Updated June 17, 2013

The holidays can be a busy time for families, so it can be hard to find opportunities to do things together. It is possible, though! Here are some ideas for sharing moments and creating family memories.

Celebrating the Holidays as a Family

Family Tree Trimming
If you celebrate Christmas, you will most likely put up a tree. Why not make it a family affair? From start to finish, keep the whole family involved.

Christmas party themes for kids
You can throw a party for kids or a cookie exchange party, but you can also have a more private party for your family, which can include making presents, building gingerbread houses, and going out caroling!

Countdown to Christmas... Advent Calendar for Kids
Kids can get pretty excited (and restless) waiting for Christmas. Advent Calendars help kids keep track of the time and some give them things to do. This one is full of fun!

How to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers
Why should experienced bakers have all the fun making gingerbread houses? Gather the family together and have each one build their own unique house.

Celebrating Hanukkah with kids
Why not have the kids help out decorating your home for Hanukka with something like a Star of David ornament? Once your home is decorated, have a Hanukka party for you and the kids.

Celebrating Kwanzaa with kids
Celebrating Kwanzaa? Share some special moments with your family by having a Kwanzaa party. The family can make some Kwanzaa crafts, play some African games, and listen to Kwanzaa music as they celebrate the holiday.

8 New Year's Activities for Gifted Kids and Their Families
New Year's Even can be a special time, not just for couples, but for entire families. Here are eight ways to celebrate the evening with the kids.

Celebrating New Year's Eve and Day with kids
Why celebrate the coming of the New Year without the kids? Including them in the festivities can be fun!

Outdoor Winter Fun

While celebrating holidays with the family is something we all want to do, how about spending time with the whole family during the entire holiday season? Or how about all winter long?

Best Winter Activities for Families
When people think about playing out in the snow, they usually think about building snowmen and making snow angels. But how about a snow fort or a snow maze? Get the everyone out in the snow and get a little exercise.

Play in the Snow Online
What if there is no snow where you live or it's too cold to go outside? No problem! Find out how to make your own snow, cut out paper snowflakes, and build a snowman...online. Many of these activities may be geared toward the kids, but the whole family can still enjoy them.

Holiday Fitness for Families
Want to get the family to be a little more active during the holidays? Here are a few simple ideas to make that happen.

Get Out and Play (family outings)
Don't forget about activities the whole family can do all year round. There's no reason not to spend some quality family time during the holiday season at the local bowling alley or roller rink! Here are some more ideas for family outings.

5 Cool Ways to Fill Winter Break (indoor and outdoor activities)
Are your kids older? Teens in high school or college? That's no reason to stop spending time together as a family. What can you do? How about a trip to the museum? That's just one idea.

Family Bonding Activities

Families seem to be busy all year round, with mom and dad busy with their responsibilities and the kids in numerous activities on top of homework. Make the holiday season a time to engage in family activities that can encourage bonding.

How to Stay Close to Older Kids in a Blended Family
It can be tough for families to find time to bond, but it's important. And it's more important for blended families who don't have the same family history.

Activities That Promote Parent-Child Bonding
Bonding with kids is really important, but sometimes busy moms - and dads - find it difficult to find the time. Bonding activities don't have to take all day; you can bond with your children with these five-minute activities. What better time to start focusing on bonding than during the holiday season? Start now and then keep it up!

Family Fun Nights
Make an effort to spend a few evenings during the holidays to have some family fun nights. During the holidays, just alter the themes to fit the season. For example, read books with a holiday theme.

Volunteer With Your Children
The holiday season is a time for being thankful and grateful for what we have. It's also a time to think of others. What better way, then, to spend time with your children during the holidays than to volunteer with them?

Looking for More?
Wonder what to put in those Christmas stockings? Need some ideas for great gifts for the kids and everyone else? Want to know how to lower your stress during the holiday season? Find the answers to these questions and more in the About Parenting & Family Family Holidays Survival Guide.

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