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Gifted Children from Minorities

Gifted children from language or racial minorities are often not identified for gifted programs, not because of prejudice or discrimination, but because of problems with identification.

Black History Month
Most people think that celebrating the achievements of black Americans is a rather recent idea. But it's not. It is an idea that began way back in 1926! Of course, back then, the celebration lasted just a week. Now the celebration of achievements is a month long celebration. That gives us all plenty of time to learn about all that black...

Little Known Black Americans
Black Americans have been making contributions to America from the start, but like countless other Americans whose achievements have altered and enriched our lives, these Black Americans remain unknown. It's important, though, to point out their contributions because too often people don't realize that Black Americans have been making...

Identifying and Serving Recent Immigrant Children
What are the challenges of identifying the gifted children among those who have recently immigrated to the United States? This article identifies those challenges and provides some strategies for meeting those challenges.

Meeting the Needs of Gifted and Talented Minority Language Students
This article provides an excellent overview of the problems identifying children from language minorities, which means children who speak something other than English. It also discusses gifted programming and minority language programs.

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