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Gender Issues Concerning Gifted Children

Gifted boys and gifted girls face different problems in school, at home and elsewhere. How does gender affect gifted children as they grow up?

US Constitution - What's its history and meaning?
History is full of gifted and accomplished women. Some of them, like Marie Curie, are very well known, although all their accomplishments may not be. Others, like Fanny Mendelssohn are not very well known at all. Here are some biographies of just a few of these gifted women. Their lives and their accomplishments are quite inspirational! If you have a gifted daughter, you might want to share these with her.

Many Gifted Girls, Few Eminent Women: Why?
This article explores the reason that we see so few eminent women compared to men although gifted boys do not outnumber gifted girls in school-age years.

Gender and Genius
What do we know about gifted boys and gifted girls? This article traces the development of our ideas about gifted boys and girls and also discusses the reality. It's a long, but interesting read.

Tips for Parents: Smart Boys
This article considers the implications of educational choices, particularly acceleration, for gifted boys.

Gifted Boys and Gender Issues
Gifted boys face some of the same problems all boys face, but some of their problems are directly related to their being gifted. This article explains the problems gifted boys face and provides suggestions for parents on how to help their gifted boys.

Gifted Girls
Gifted girls have some characteristics that are related specifically to their being female. They also have special needs. Find out what these needs and characteristics are.

Ten Tips for Parenting Gifted Girls
Sylvia Rimm provides some great advice for parents of gifted girls.

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