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Halloween Costumes for Boys


Updated October 06, 2010

Most kids love to dress up for Halloween. On Halloween night we see lots of ghouls, witches, superheros, and princesses. Those are among the favorite costumes and certainly gifted kids enjoy dressing up as those characters. However, here are some costumes that are less common and are sure to appeal to gifted kids, particularly gifted boys.

Ben Franklin Costume

Ben Franklin is one of the best-loved and most well-known characters in American history. Intelligent and creative, Franklin was quite an inventor. He invented bifocal glasses and the Franklin Stove, to name a couple of his creations. He is a perfect character for gifted boys to be on Halloween! The costume includes a burgundy jacket with attached vest, front ruffle, cuffs, burgundy knickers, buckled shoe covers, and a hat.
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Indiana Jones

This is a great costume for boys who admire Indiana Jones for his bravery in his many adventures or who are interested in archeology. Of course, sometimes the two go hand-in-hand: A child admires Indiana Jones and also wants to be an archaeologist. There are two different versions of the Indiana Jones costume. Both include pants, shirt and hat, but the shirts are a bit different. One looks a little more like a leather jacket. The don't come with any accessories, but a sword, a whip, and a satchel can be purchased separately.
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Harry Potter

Many gifted kids identify with Harry Potter, so this is a perfect costume. The costume consists of a black hooded robe, lined with red fabric and with a Gryffindor patch on the front. It does not include a tie, glasses, or wand, but those items can be purchased separately.
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Zoo Keeper

Does your child love animals and like taking care of them? If so, he might want to be a zoo keeper, who cares for the animals. This costume includes a khaki safari jacket with matching pants and hat. It also comes with a monkey that can be wrapped around the shoulder and held in place with the Velcro on the long arms and legs.

The costume would make a good safari costume, too, if your child doesn't like zoos!
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Chronicles of Narnia - Peter's War Outfit

The Chronicles of Narnia book series has long been a favorite of gifted children. When the movies based on two books from the series came out, they were immediate hits for most kids and certainly for gifted kids (and adults). One advantage of books being turned into movies is that we then see costumes based on the characters in the stories. That's the case with this costume. It includes a red, tunic-like shirt with faux chainmail sleeves, with a gold lion pictured on the front, and with a gold bottom border; a visored helmet; two shoulder guards; and pants. The costume does not come with a sword, but one can certainly be purchased separately.
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Star Wars Han Solo

When we think about a character from Star Wars that little boys can dress up to be, we usually think about Luke Skywalker. But how about Han Solo? Where would Luke have been without Han? He's brave and wisecracking -- just like lots of gifted boys I know! This costume includes a shirt with an attached vest and pants with attached boot tops.
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One of the favorite topics of gifted kids is space, so being an astronaut is one profession that a large number of gifted kids have at the top of their list of things they'd like to do when they grow up. The astronaut costume comes in two different colors: white and orange. Some are jumpsuits that the astronaut would wear inside a shuttle or space station, and others are spacesuits that astronauts would wear outside. For the spacesuit, you'd probably want a helmet, which can be purchased separately. You can also purchase a astronaut backpack!
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Delta Force Soldier

Just as with adults, some kids oppose war and others find it necessary. If you have one of the kids in the latter group who admire the military and what they do, you might have a kid who would like this costume. This is also a great costume for kids who have a parent in the military. The costume includes a four-pocket shirt, a vest, cargo pants, and a hat -- all in desert camouflage patterned polyester-cotton blend material. The hat has loops to make it easy to add more camouflage like twigs and leaves.
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Iron Man

What kid doesn't imagine being a superhero?  Iron Man is one of the more recent heroes to appear on the big screen, and he is quite high tech!  That should appeal to heroic little boys who love technology!

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Cat in the Hat

What child doesn't love The Cat in the Hat books? And what child doesn't love the title character? What's fun about this costume for gifted kids is that they are often just as mischievous as the Cat in the Hat himself and now they can look the part! The costume includes a black and white jumpsuit with an attached tail and an oversized red bow. It also includes the signature large red and white striped top hat. It does not include white gloves, but those can be purchased separately.
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