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Activities for Gifted Children During the Holidays


Updated April 12, 2014

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukah, it's always fun to bake cookies or engage in other holiday activities with your children. Here are some great ways for you to spend time during the holiday season with your children. If you're busy, you can find some activities, like coloring or online games, for your children to do on their own.

Tracking Santa

The Northpole.com Web site has educational activities and fun games for kids, as well as greeting cards and recipes. Kids can also send a letter to Santa from this site and even find out if they're on Santa's naughty or nice list! It even has a Q & A with Santa's answers to many of the important questions kids ask like "What if a house has no chimney?" The best part of the site, though, is the Norad Tracking system, which tracks Santa's progress across the world on radar on December 24th!

Other Santa Tracking Web Sites

Classbrain.com allows children (and their parents) to track Santa's flight on December 24th, but it also gives a little history of the Norad Santa tracking tradition, as well as the Christmas celebrating traditions of other countries.

The My Merry Christmas Web site has all kinds of fun activities and information about Christmas and Santa. Updates on Santa's trip will be provided by Elf Ernest.

Google Earth Santa Tracker
Google Earth is a software program that allows viewers to zoom in and out of satellite images of the entire globe. During the holidays, Google Earth tracks Santa's progress. However, unlike the Norad tracker, to use the Google Earth tracker, you must download Google Earth. But it's free and easy!

Hanukah Web Sites

The Chabad Organization Web site has some educational and fun activities for the whole family. Whether you want to learn more about Hanukah and how to celebrate it, send an electronic greeting card, or find some great Latke recipes, you'll find it all on this site. And that's just a portion of what's available. It also has some online activities for kids. If you're looking for Hanukah celebrations where you live (or nearly anywhere in the world), you can find it here.

The HanuKat Web site has a number of fun activities for kids and their families, including games, coloring pages, and directions for making dreidels, among other things.

The Tora Tots Web site has a couple of online games, like spin the dreidel and a jigsaw puzzle, as well as several activities and crafts. Kids can also learn about the meaning of Chanukah, and can send greeting cards to friends and family.

Holiday Crafts and Activities

Kids can get both bored and excited during the holiday season. Cure their boredom and channel their excitement with these fun holiday orientted activities and crafts.
Angel Crafts for Kids
Christmas Worksheets for Children
Hanukkah Crafts for Kids
Christmas Crafts for Kids

Holiday Cookie Recipes

What's the holiday season without cookies? Children will enjoy not only eating the cookies made from these recipes here, they will also certainly enjoy helping you make them!
Top Ten Holiday Cookies.
Hanukkah Shape Cookies for Kids
Chocolate Christmas Eve Mice Cookies

Although the holidays are often a very busy time for parents, it is still important to spend some quality time with the kids. Baking cookies and working on holiday crafts together is a good way to spend some time with the kids and also include them in the holiday preparations.
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