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Family Life with Gifted Children

Being a parent is never easy, but being the parent of gifted children can make home life even more complicated than usual. Sibling rivalry, too many activities, and even parental disagreement over a child's giftedness and what to do about it can create household tension.
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Social and Emotional Problems Affecting Gifted Children
The characteristics of gifted children often lead to social and emotional problems that can affect their emotional and social development. To understand your gifted child completely, it's a good idea to see how your child's giftedness can influence his or her behavior.

Activities for Math Awareness Month
Math Awareness month is perfect for mathematically gifted kids. But it's a month that all kids and their families can celebrate. So what are some good ways to celebrate Math Awareness Month?

What I Wish I Had Known About Being the Parent of a Gifted Child
What can be done to get a picky eater to eat? This article provides suggestions from parents and allows you to add your own ideas.

How to Raise an Introverted Child
What parent doesn't want to raise a happy and well-adjusted child? We read parenting books to learn about all the best strategies for raising children and we look for advice from friends, family and even parenting experts. However, sometimes the tips and advice we get don't take into account the fact that some children are introverts. If you...

Writing Family Stories
We all seem to be driven to learn who we are and where we came from. Part of that is learning about our family history. Get your child involved in preserving the family history by encouraging him or her to write family stories.

Autumn Fun - Fun Things for Gifted Kids to Do in the Fall
Fall is a beautiful time of year. It is also a great time for kids to learn some science, spend time with the family, and have other kinds of fun!

You know you're the parent of a gifted kid when...
Here are some great examples of things that gifted kids say and do. You can share your examples!

Things Gifted Kids Do and Say
If you're the parent of a gifted child, your child enjoys playing, argues with siblings, and resists completing chores, just like any other kid. However, there are some things gifted kids do and say that you are pretty sure other kids don't say and do.

What Can Gifted Kids Learn from American Idol?
Few people would classify the hit television show American Idol as educational programming, but it is. It can help us teach our gifted children some very important lessons in life.

Thirfty Thursdays at About
It's always a good idea to find ways to save money, but during hard economic times, it's more important than ever. Thrifty Thursdays across About.com provide money saving tips.

One Mother's Journey Raising a Gifted Child
What is it like raising a gifted child? This article provides one mom's stories of her experiences.

Evan Brain, Adventures of a Delusional Kid Superhero
Book Review: Evan Brain, Adventures of a Delusional Kid Superhero. Parents, teachers, and anyone else who knows gifted kids will delight in this witty and original book.

Gifted Children Who Think They Are Little Adults
Weve all heard of child-like adults, adults who have the heart and spirit of children. Gifted kids are the opposite; they are adult-like children, who often seem to think and act like adults. More importantly, they sometimes feel like adults. This feeling can lead to frustration for both the gifted child and the adults around them.

Crafty Gifts for Teachers
At the end of the school year, we can show our appreciation to our child's teacher by giving her (or him) a gift. We can buy something special and unique or we can give the teacher something handmade. Giving a homemade gift is not only more personal, but your child can help make the gift and that can make it even more special.

Helping Your Child Achieve
We often look to the schools to provide what our children need to be successful in life. We carefully consider whether the school has a good gifted program. We also wonder whether we should send our children to public or private school. Which is best for gifted children? We might also wonder if our child should start kindergarten early. While...

Family Fun Nights
These days it seems that everyone is busy, even kids. If your family members seem to be going in different directions all the time, you might want to set aside some time every week or so for special family fun nights. Here are some ideas for those special nights that your family will enjoy even if your family members don't have super busy schedules.

How (Not) to Argue with Gifted Children
Some gifted children are compared to lawyers: they argue as if they are in court. The case they are usually arguing is their own. They argue about rules, about punishment, discipline, bedtime, dinner. Basically, they'll argue about nearly anything they don't like or they want to avoid. Although they can make excellent arguments, it's important for parents to make sure they remain in charge.

Life In The Asynchronous Family
Gifted children don't live alone; they live in families! A child's giftedness can affect family life. This article explains how.

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