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Profoundly or Extremely Gifted Children

Not all gifted children have the same level of abilities. Like average children, they represent a wide range. Extremely gifted, also known as the profoundly gifted, are on the highest end of the gifted ability range. They are at least as different from gifted children with an IQ of 130 as those children are from children with an IQ of 100. Their exceptional abilities present some special challenges for parents and teachers alike.

Small poppies: Highly gifted children in the early years
"Cutting down the tall poppies" is an expression used in Australia to refer to the attempts to put gifted children in their place or to make them like everyone else. Small poppies are young gifted children. This article describes what life is like for young exceptionally gifted children.

Characteristics of intellectually advanced young people
Giftedness is not a binary trait. That is, it is not simply a question of whether a child is or is not gifted. The needs of extremely gifted children are different from those of mildly gifted children, but how can you tell one from the other? Here is a list of the characteristics of extremely gifted children that can help.

Social Issues of the Extremely Gifted
This article discusses the "Factors in the social adjustment and social acceptability of extremely gifted children." It provides support for the claim that extremely gifted children require radical acceleration in school not just for academic reasons, but social reasons as well.

Profoundly Gifted Guilt
Parents of profoundly gifted children sometimes don't feel up to the task of raising such an exceptionally gifted child. Dr. Jim Delisle provides some reassuring advice for these parents.

Helping Parents Understand Their Profoundly Gifted Children
If it can be difficult parenting a gifted child, it can be even more difficult parenting a profoundly gifted child. Discover the characteristics of these children and what can and should be done for them at home and at school.

Parenting Highly Gifted Children
Kathi Kearney discusses the "challenges, the joys, the unexpected surprises" of raising profoundly gifted children.

A Guide for Parents of Profoundly Gifted Teens
Being a teenager is not easy. Being a gifted teen is more difficult, and being a profoundly gifted teen adds additional dimensions to the problems of being a teenager. This article provides some insight into the life of a profoundly gifted teenager and some guidelines to help their parents help them get through adolescence.

Survival Kit for Parents of Exceptionally Gifted Children
This list of suggestions can help parents of profoundly gifted children maintain some balance -- and sanity -- in their lives.

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