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Top Pretend Toys for Gifted Children


Updated September 06, 2013

Gifted children love to use their brains and exercise their imaginations. Some gifted kids have a a highly developed imagination while others may need a little encouragement. Whether your child's imagination is highly developed or not, these toys are sure to be a hit.

If you want to nurture your gifted child's imagination, you might be interested in these toys.

1. Bowers (Fantasy "Tents")

These beautiful, gauzy bowers are perfect for children who want to step into a fairyland or wherever else their imaginations might take them. They attach easily to a tree limb outside or a ceiling inside. These bowers have room enough for several children to play inside, setting up magical tea parties or meetings with fairies, princesses, gnomes and other creatures that fill a child's imagination. Place one over a twin bed to make a magical canopy. For ages 3 and up.
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2. Play Stand and Canopy

The Play Stand is an incredibly versatile play prop. A house, a space ship, a puppet theater, a storefront -- its uses are as wide-ranging as a child's imagination. Parents love it too since at night it can function as a shelf for toys and a place to hang costumes. It is light enough for children to move, yet sturdy enough for them to sit or even stand on. Two stands plus a canopy offer even more opportunities for imaginational play. Sheets can be used to cover the canopy or you can get some wonderful large play silks. The Stand measures 37" tall x 40" wide x 14" deep.

3. Play Silks -- Large and Small

These silks are wonderful for children to play with. In some ways they are like the bath towel -- they can be clasped around the neck (for older children) and turned into capes for super heroes, princes or princesses. But the colors and textures are more conducive to pretend play. Not only can they be used as capes, they can also be used to create togas, fairy skirts, sashes -- just about anything a child can imagine. The larger silks can be used as canopies with the Play Stands or as airy tents when placed over small tables.
Small silks
Small silks

4. Toobeez Super Fort

The Toobeez Super Fort is another versatile toy, but this one allows kids to build their own creations. Kids use interlocking tubes and spheres, which can be linked together, to create anything they can imagine -- space ships, submarines, forts, and castles, just to name a few. Once the tubes and spheres are linked together, children can hang up the colorful fabric panels just where they want them and then climb in and let their imaginations run wild!
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5. Space Capsule Tent

Does your child love space? Dream of being an astronaut? If so, this tent is perfect! The nylon tent looks very much like a space shuttle, and is easy to put up. The "hatch" makes use of a zipper and Velcro to make getting in and out of the "shuttle" quite simple. The tent is large enough for two to three kids, but also offers some privacy to those sensitive kids who like to spend some time alone.

6. Variety Bed Tents

Bed tents come in a variety of themes, from race cars to princess "castles." Like the space shuttle bed tent, they provide places for kids to have some alone time, particularly if they have to share a room with one or more siblings. However, even for kids with their own rooms, bed tents offer opportunities to use their imaginations. They are big enough for mom or dad to crawl inside where they can have cozy cuddle time while reading to the kids -- or listening to the kids read to them!
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7. Alex Toys Lemonade Stand

For budding entrepreneurs! How many children tape a simple sign to an old card table so they can sell lemonade to passersby? This lemonade stand features two oversized wheels for easy wheelbarrow-like transportation and a blackboard front panel for announcing the sale of lemonade (or other item). It also has a dry erase countertop and a fabric awning. Teach your child about work, and earning and saving money. Gifted kids may be smart, but they don't automatically know how to manage money!
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8. Lisa LeLeu Super Star Theater

This Super Star Theater is a full stage that includes a dressing room, back stage entrance, ticket booth, refreshment stand, wipe-off marquee and much more! Don't worry about not having enough room for this theater either. When not in use, it can be rolled up and put away. It needs a mere 23" x 13" x 5" of storage space! It's also easy to set up: unroll it, put together the easy-to-assemble fiberglass frame and then cover it with the polyester fabric. When it's assembled, it is 39" long by 56" wide by 60" high.

In case you don't think your kids will have enough to do with this theater, they can also convert the stage into a puppet theater.

For ages 3 and up.

9. Folding Castle Play Set by Melissa and Doug

This beautiful wooden medieval castle set by Melissa & Doug is perfect for fantasy-loving gifted children. It unfolds to reveal a courtyard, turrets, a dungeon, staircases, and a working drawbridge. This sturdy and enchanting castle comes with three posable play figures, and a horse. Its dimensions when closed are 16" x 16" x 12", and open are 31" x 16" x 12". For ages 3 and up.
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