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Sesame Street Games

Games to make a sunny day...and chase your cares away!


Updated April 19, 2013

Fans of Sesame Street will love these games with a Sesame Street theme. Some of the games, like Chutes and Ladders, are for younger fans, while some, like chess, are for older fans. Even grown-up fans will enjoy many of these games, which make them perfect games for the whole family.

1. Sesame Street Chutes & Ladders

Chutes and Ladders has been a popular game for decades, but now it comes in a version with a Sesame Street theme. It's an easy-to-play game that doesn't require any reading. Although the game is simple and easy to play, it is lots of fun and has much to teach kids. Basically, kids learn how to count, recognize numbers, take turns, and understand consequences of behavior. Good behavior is rewarded with a climb up a ladder; negative behavior is "punished" with a fall down a chute.

Kids use a spinner to determine how many spaces to move. Spaces where the bottom of a ladder appears has some good deed pictured and the player is rewarded for the good deed by moving ahead to the space where the top of the ladder is. Spaces where the top of a chute appears has something not so good pictured, like Cookie Monster eating too many cookies and getting a tummy ache. The player is "punished" for the negative behavior by "falling" down the chute and landing on a previous square.
For ages 36 months to 7 years

2. Sesame Street UNO

Uno is such a fun and easy game and this version makes the game even more fun for Sesame Street fans. If you don't know how the game works, players are dealt a hand of seven cards. The remaining stack of cards in placed face down on the table. The top card is then picked up and placed face up next to the deck to make a discard pile. Players then take turns discarding one of their cards on top of the face up pile. However, each player must match either the number or the color of the card that is on the discard pile. If they don't have a match, they have to pick cards from the face down stack until they get a match. But the play is made more interesting with other cards like "reverse" and "wild." Fans of Sesame Street will love the pictures of the show's characters that appear on each card.
For ages 3 and up

3. Sesame Street Phase 10 for Kids Card Game

Phase 10 is a Rummy style card game, so if you're familiar with Rummy, you'll have a good idea of what the play entails. It's a little different, though, in that one of the things players can collect is a Sesame Street character. Phase 10 is different, too, from a regular Rummy game in that players have to create their collections in a particular order. For instance, in phase 1, players need to collect two sets of threes: three colors, three numbers, three shapes, or three Sesame Street characters.
For ages 4 and up

4. Sesame Street Dominoes Game

This domino set uses pictures of Sesame Street characters in place of dots found on regular domino sets. Each rectangular domino has two pictures, one on each half of the domino. To play, one player lays down a domino. The next player must find a matching character on one of his dominos and place his domino next to the first one, with the matching pictures touching. It can be laid in a straight line or at a right angle, as long as the matching pictures are touching. Players continue to take turns, placing their dominos anywhere they can match pictures.
For ages 3 and up.

5. Sesame Street Scrabble

I'll start out by saying that there isn't much to the Sesame Street theme to this Scrabble set. It's really just that there is a picture of one of the characters on each side of the four two-sided boards. But it's still a great game, especially for verbally gifted kids who love letters and words. On one side of the board, kids can play the letter matching game. On the other side of the board, kids practice word building. They race with another player to see who can build the word on their board first. There are different levels of difficulty in the word building since some words are spelled out on the board and others are written under a picture of what the word represents. Those are just two of the games possible with this set. Other activities are possible too.
For ages 3-5

6. Sesame Street 35th Anniversary Trivia Game Board Game

Trivia AND Sesame Street? It doesn't get any better for a gifted kid who loves Sesame Street!  This version of the classic game has a slightly simpler board, with few squares around the board and just one line of squares leading to the center. The start square is on the outside, too, so players start there and all move toward the center, where the line ends. The board has pictures of the whole gang, which makes it a pleasure for fans to look at. Players can choose to be one of several characters to move around the board as they answer questions about Sesame Street. Can you answer the questions? Do you know how many teeth the Count has, for example? To make the game more fun for a larger age range, there are both easy and challenging questions.
For 2 - 4 players, ages 8 and up

7. Sesame Street 35th Anniversary Edition Monopoly

Who isn't familiar with Monopoly? This version of Monopoly is my favorite. The Sesame Street oriented properties and railroads just make the game so much more fun. I bet you can guess one of the most valuable properties.  If you guessed 1-2-3 Sesame Street, you're right! Other properties players can buy include Oscar's trash can, the Count's castle, and Ernie's bathtub. The pewter tokens for moving around the board include Super Grover (complete with cape), Big Bird, and Ernie with his rubber ducky. Beware though - Elmo fans won't find an Elmo token. Even so, the game is great for Sesame Street fans.
For 2-6 players, ages 6-9

8. Sesame Street Chess

Anyone who loves chess and Sesame Street will love this chess set. The set includes Bert, Ernie, the Count, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Grover, and Big Bird. The honor of being the king goes to Big Bird. If you already have a chess game, this set will still be fun because...well because it's Sesame Street!  You will need a chess board, though since this set does not come with one. You get the chess pieces and a tin box to keep the pieces in. The box is designed to be used as a board, too, and that could do in a pinch, but it's not what you'd want to use on a regular basis.
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