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Fun Puzzles for Gifted Children

From floor to flat to 3D


Updated January 29, 2012

Putting puzzles together is a favorite activity of many gifted children. They love the challenge. Sometimes they don't offer enough of a challenge; they get a little bored with the puzzles they have. When that happens with your child, you can renew interests in those old puzzles or you can get some new ones. Here are some excellent puzzles that offer a variety of challenges.

Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Floor Puzzles

If your child likes dinosaurs and puzzles, then what could be more perfect than dinosaur puzzles? Floor puzzles are excellent puzzles for young children and these floor puzzles are among the best. They are sturdy, colorful, and the pieces fit and stay together quite well. You can choose a single puzzle, a two-pack, or a three-pack puzzle. If your child really likes puzzles and dinosaurs, go for the three-pack! Each puzzle has 48 pieces. Two of the puzzles in the three-pack are 2 feet by 3 feet when they are put together, but the large one is 4 feet long! These puzzles are meant for kids 3 and up, but even younger kids will enjoy them.
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Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle

Another favorite topic of gifted kids is the universe, so puzzles with a universe theme are always good buys. This one by Melissa and Doug is a large floor puzzle of our solar system. It's scientifically accurate, too.  Poor Pluto is no longer there as the ninth planet. (It's now a dwarf planet.) But the other planets are there in this beautiful, colorful 2' X 3' 48-piece puzzle.  Although the puzzle is meant for kids 3 and up, I'm sure that some younger kids will have fun with this puzzle.
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Melissa & Doug Solar System Cardboard Jigsaw

If your child is past the 48-piece puzzle stage and wants something a little more challenging, this puzzle is a good choice, especially if your child loves space. It is a sturdy 100-piece puzzle, whose pieces are large enough for tiny hands to handle easily. The sun is quite large and requires lots of pieces which makes it a perfect challenge for young puzzle lovers. Kids as young as 3 will enjoy this puzzle, especially if they love our solar system and enjoy a challenge.
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Ravensburger Land of The Giants Jigsaw Puzzle

If your dino-loving child is looking for a greater challenge than a 49-piece puzzle can offer, then this puzzle is a good one. Ravensburger puzzles are puzzles of excellent quality. The puzzle pieces are thick and fully interlocking. That means that pieces that are put together, stay together. You can even pick up the puzzle without the pieces coming apart! This 100-piece puzzle is recommended for kids ages 8 and up, but I'm sure much younger children who are good with puzzles will love it.
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Ravensburger World Map Puzzleball

Flat puzzles? Where's the challenge there? Okay, there are definitely some challenges to flat puzzles, but if your child is looking for an even greater challenge, consider a puzzleball. A puzzleball is a three-dimensional puzzle round puzzle -- like a ball. And what subject is more perfect for a puzzleball than a map of the world? When the puzzle is complete, what you have is a globe. Ravensburger has two different versions of the worldmap puzzleball: a 108-piece puzzle for kids 7 and up and a 240-piece illustrated world map for kids 8 and up.
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Ravensburger Empire State Building 3D Building Set

If your child is a fan of 3D puzzles and appreciates famous buildings, then this might be a good puzzle for him. This 216-piece puzzle is for kids ages 10 and up, but younger kids can put it together with some help. Since the pieces are plastic, they won't bend or lose shape, and don't require any kind of cutting either. Each piece is numbered, too, to make it easier for kids to put the puzzle together. When the puzzle is done, your child can make a project of learning all about the Empire State Building!
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