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Books, Toys, and More for Gifted Children

Gifted Children can quickly tire of toys that other children seem to enjoy. What kinds of toys appeal to gifted children? Learn what to look for when buying toys for gifted children and which toys are highly recommended. Certain books are more appealing to gifted children than others as well. What kinds of books do they like and how do you know which books are appropriate for them?
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Fun Puzzles for Gifted Children
Putting puzzles together is a favorite activity of many gifted children. They love the challenge. Sometimes they don't offer enough of a challenge; they get a little bored with the puzzles they have. When that happens with your child, you can renew interests in those old puzzles or you can get some new ones. Here are some excellent puzzles that offer a variety of challenges.

Math Games for Gifted Children
Some children struggle with math, while others love it and can't get enough of numbers and all you can do with them. Those children who are math fans will love these number games. And those children who struggle with math - or just aren't all that fond of numbers - will have fun as they learn math functions. They might even begin to love numbers! Either way, you can't go wrong getting one of these games for your child.

Foreign Language Learning for Kids
Does your child love words? Is she intrigued by other languages? Give her an opportunity to learn a new language.

Brain Teaser Manipulative Puzzles for Kids
What does a gifted child like more than an intellectual challenge? The puzzles listed here not only offer some mental challenges, they are portable! They can easily be carried in a purse or a backback. They can be taken to school, to restaurants, and on road trips -- anywhere kids might find themselves with some time to fill.

E-Book Readers for Everyone
In some ways e-readers have made it possible to expand on our reading habits rather than limit them. Many classic books are available for free and it is easy to take notes, or search for a phrase or a quote. E-Readers can both encourage and nurture a love of reading and so make great gifts for kids of all ages.

Classical Music for Kids
Music is all around us. Our children are exposed to music probably as much as we are. Our children hear what we listen to and as they get older, they listen to what their friends listen to. Unless you are a classical music fan, your child is not likely to hear much classical music. Introduce your child to it through these book and CD sets.

Renew Your Child's Interest in Those Old and Easy Jigsaw Puzzles
Gifted children love jigsaw puzzles. They also love a challenge, so when the puzzles become too easy, the children lose interest. Don't throw those old puzzles away, though! Renew your children's interest in those old puzzles with these tricks.

Benefits of Video Games for Gifted Children
Are video games bad for children? Not necessarily. In fact, video games can have some definite benefits. Gifted children often find game play intellectually stimulating and educational.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

You have those Christmas stockings hanging up, but what do you put in them?  Here are some suggestions for what you can stuff in those stockings. They're all inexpensive and most are fun for kids of all ages. Some are even fun for the whole family.

Software for Gifted Kids.
Like many kids, gifted kids enjoy playing computer games. This activity is not necessarily a negative one. Many computer games are engaging because they make kids think and help quench their seemingly insatiable thirst for knowledge. Regardless of your child's age or interests, there are some great computer games for him or her. Here are some of the very best.

Books for Gifted Kids with Gifted Characters and Themes
Children have such a thirst for knowledge and that thirst for gifted kids often seems to be unquenchable. If your child has that deep need to learn or is just even a little curious, consider giving him an encyclopedia. There are encyclopedias available for pretty much every possible topic. Here are just a few of the many options.

Top 10 Harry Potter Toys for Gifted Children
Fans of Harry Potter love to immerse themselves in Harry's world. Whether it's pretending to be a student (or teacher) at Hogwarts, playing chess with Hogwarts figures, playing Harry Potter based games or even running the Hogwarts Express on a train track set up, HP fans can find something to make them very happy.

Easy Christmas Stocking Stuffers
You're all done with your Christmas shopping. The house is festively decorated, all ready for Santa Clause. Then you realize that your child's Christmas Stocking is empty. What do you put in it? You really don't have a lot of time left to hunt down the perfect items. Don't worry. There are many easy-to-find, inexpensive items you can put in your child's stocking that will be sure to put a smile on his or her face.

Games and Toys for Talented Kids
Kid tested and recommended toys! This article describes toys that have been tested and rated by gifted children. The name of the toys' manufacturer is included to help parents locate the toys, and when possible a link to the manufacturer's website is included.

Recommended Reading for Gifted Children
GT-World has a wonderful list of books that gifted children will enjoy. They aren't listed by grade or age level as most lists are, but on a continuum that follows this path: picture books, young chapter books, medium length chapter books, longer chapter books, pre-teen reading, and young adult reading.

Games for Gifted Children
Gifted children enjoy many of the same games, like Monopoly, that other children enjoy. However, their love of learning and need for challenge means that they will enjoy games where they can learn, show off their knowledge, and be challenged. Here are ten great games for gifted children.

Easter Toys and Games
Substitute a fun toy or game the whole family can play for all that Easter candy!

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