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Drums for Kids

From Toddlers to Teens


Updated December 07, 2013

Bang! Bang! Bang! Does that sound like something you hear in your house with your toddler? Some kids seem to be natural born drummers. They will beat on anything using whatever is handy -- spoons on pots, sticks on trees, hands on tables.... It's as though the the rhythm of life is so strong in them, that it has to be released one way or another. If you have a little drummer in your house, get him a drum or drum set to play and work with. Even if your young one doesn't bang on everything in sight, drums are still a good instrument to have around since they can help get children involved in making music. For the youngest ones, little drums can also help build eye-hand coordination and strengthen motor skills.

1. PlanToys Solid Wooden Drum

PlanToys Solid Wooden Drum
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This wooden drum is a great little starter drum for the youngest kids. Wooden drums have a different sound from other drums and this one, with its zigzag cutout pattern, has a pleasant musical sound. When your child hits different spots on the drum with the rubber headed drumstick, he'll hear different tones, making it even more fun to play.
Ages 1 and up
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2. Remo Kids Gathering Drum

Remo Kids Gathering Drum
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Why is this drum called a gathering drum? Because it is modeled after drums used to call village members together for meetings and special occasions. Kids can play this drum with the included mallets or with their hands. They can also turn the mallets around and use the "stick" end for a different sound. The 22" drum is big enough for more than one child to play at the same time, too, which can make it even more fun. There really is no age recommendation for this drum since the youngest child can beat the drum and even adults can have fun with it. Remo kids drums have been awarded the Oppenheim Best Toy Award for product quality.
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3. Remo Kid's Floor Tom Drum

Remo Kid's Floor Tom Drum
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Another great drum from Remo. This 10" diameter drum is a bit smaller in circumference than the Gathering Drum, but it's also taller at 71/2" high. It will therefore have a different tone than the Gathering Drum. Kids can play the drubm with the mallets that come with the drum or with their hands. They can also turn the mallets around and use the "stick" end. Each will provide a different sound. Drums offer such a great way for young kids to get involved in music without having to take any lessons, although kids who really take to the drums can start lessons.
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4. Set of Five Remo Kid's Percussion Hand Drums

Set of Five Remo Kid's Percussion Hand Drums
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Here is another offering from Remo. This is a five-piece drum set. The drums are meant to be held and played rather than set on the floor to be played. They can be set on the floor, but the sound will be very different since there isn't much room for sound vibration. Even so, a child could place all the drums down on a table and play them to get different tones and make some great drum music. Or the whole family can each take one drum and play it. Kid can also invite their friends for some drumming sessions. These drums can be played with the hand or with the drumsticks that come with it. These drums are also sold separately, so be sure when you order them, you get what you want - a single drum or a set. If you don't see what you want in the compare prices link, you can buy it direct.)
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5. Trophy 14" and 18" Bodhran Set

Trophy 14" and 18" Bodhran Set
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
The Bodhran is another hand-held drum. It is a traditional Celtic drum that can be played with the hand but it meant to be played with a double-ended "beater." The back of the bodhran has crossing wooden bars which is how the drum is held. It also makes it possible to use the hand holding the drum to apply tension to the inner surface of the drum head in order to produce additional tones. The way the double beater is used is also part of what makes the complex rhythm patterns that you might not expect from such a "simple" drum.
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6. De Rosa Children's 3 Piece 12 Inch Drum Set with Chair

De Rosa Children's 3 Piece 12 Inch Drum Set with Chair
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
 If you have an advanced drummer at home - a child who has gone from banging on pots and pans or beating simple drums - you may want to take a look at this children's drum set. It is a good starting drum set for young kids who want to learn to play the drums. This set is for children ages 3 to 5, but if your child is older, there is another set for kids ages 4 to 11. This set is not a big toy drum set. It has many of the same features as drum sets made for adults, scaled down for a better fit for kids. The set is fully tunable, too, just like adult sets. A chair is included with the set.
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