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Holidays and Special Days in the First Week of January

The First Seven Days


Updated April 12, 2014

January Calendar

January Calendar

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What can you and your child learn about in the first seven days of January? What activities can you and your child engage in? What holidays can you celebrate? In addition to New Year's Day that everyone loves to celebrate one way or another, the special days listed here should be of interest to gifted children and their families.

January 1

  1. New Years Day
    This holiday needs no introduction!  Who isn't familiar with the holiday that says goodbye to one year and hello to another? Here are some ways for you and your child to learn about this holiday and celebrate it.
  2. Ellis Island Day
    In case you don't know, Ellis Island is the place where immigrants to America arrived and then in most cases were allowed through to begin their new life in America. It's quite fitting to celebrate this day, then, on the first day of a new year. It's a good day for the kids to learn about Ellis Island, the immigrants that passed through it, and even a little about their own family history.
  3. Daydreamers Day
    Gifted kids are often accused by teachers of not focusing on lessons and daydreaming in class. Worse, kids who daydream are often misdiagnosed as having ADHD and then given drugs to help them focus. But is daydreaming a bad thing? The first day of the new year is a great day to "focus" on the value of daydreaming.

January 2

National Science Fiction Day
What fun for gifted kids! Combining science and fiction. Kids who are interested in science can find science fiction exciting to read since it is so closely related to scientific discoveries and principles. But it leaves so much still to the imagination. And we sometimes see that science fiction sometimes becomes science reality. For example, Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon was published in 1865 and told of men who traveled to the moon. Then it was fiction. In 1969, it became a reality. Perhaps your child might like to create some science fiction of his own.

January 3

JRR Tokien Day
January 3rd is Tolkien's birthday and so we celebrate him and all he has done. What better day to play some watch The Lord of the Rings movies or read the books, or maybe play some Lord of the Rings inspired games.

January 4

Trivia Day
Trivia Day is perfect for gifted kids and their families. Their thirst for knowledge and excellent memories means that they often have lots of information stored in their brains. How about playing some Trivia games to celebrate the day?

January 5

National Bird Day
Nature lovers can spend this day learning about birds or working on some crafts for and about birds.

January 6

Sherlock Holmes' Birthday
Does anyone doubt that Sherlock Holmes is a gifted character? His reasoning skills and powers of observation are legendary. Not only are people still reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes, but there is a seemingly unending series of movies, television series, and books based on Sherlock, some of which are for kids.

January 7

Old Rock Day
Do you have a budding geologist or paleontologist at your house? If so, then Old Rock Day is a day meant just for her.

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