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Best Fiction Books for Gifted Kids


Updated December 09, 2012

Most gifted children are avid readers. They may not read what we or their teachers want them to read all the time, but most do enjoy reading. With their creative nature and vivid imaginations some gifted kids might prefer fiction, including poetry. Fiction can encourage children to think about values and life issues, stimulate their imagination, challenge their problem-solving skills, help them work through difficult circumstances, and even speak to their souls. What you will find here are lists of fiction books of all kinds. Your child is sure to love many of them.

Mystery Books

One of the favorite fiction genres of gifted kids is the mystery story. I'm sure the stories appeal to their love of working out puzzles and figuring out answers to problems.

Mystery Book Series for Children
The books listed here are those for kids ranging in age from 4 to 12. Not only are these mystery books fun reads for kids, they are all series. That means that if your child loves the characters and writing style of one of the books, he can keep reading about that character's adventures in another book of the same series.

Flatfoot Fox Mystery Series
This mystery series was a favorite in our household when my son was young. It is a perfect series for young gifted children. They're for kids ages 6 and up, but younger kids will love the stories and early readers will enjoy reading the stories for themselves - or reading them to you.


Poetry can speak to the essence of who we are and that's as true for kids as it is for adults. But poetry can also be fun and make us laugh. There is a little bit of both in the poetry books in these lists.

Poetry for Young People
The books of poetry listed here are by poets most people will recognize: Emily Dickensen, Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, and even the great bard himself, William Shakespeare. But the poems in these poetry collections are poems that children as young as 8 can enjoy. Even if they can't enjoy them on the same level an adult might, kids can come back to the poems year after year and see additional meanings unfold before them.

Fun Poetry Books for Children
The poems in these collections are both fun and funny. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and both you and your child will have plenty of them as you read these books together. Kids who are already reading can, of course, read the poems on their own, but believe me...you'll enjoy them just as much as your child. Just to give you can idea of the fun, consider some of the titles of the books: It's Raining Pigs and Noodles, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, and Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook. Those are just three of the books listed.


Fantasy is another top genre for gifted kids. It's not a surprise since fantasy really allows the imagination to take flight. It's so much fun to imagine the fantasy worlds in these books as well as the fantastic characters in those worlds.

Harry Potter
Not every item on this list is a book, but the Harry Potter books are in this list, mostly in boxed sets. There are also other Potter-related books in the list, books like The Tales of Beedle the Bard (fairy tales Dumbledore leaves to Hermione in book 7) and The Sorcerer's Companion.

The Hunger Games
Some people think that this story is too dark for most children, and I would have to say that it may not be a book for young children. But if your child wasn't disturbed by the events in the Harry Potter series, she will probably be okay with the story of The Hunger Games. Also as with the Potter books, The Hunger Games has some themes that are worth exploring.

Math and Science

Kids who love math but aren't eager readers of fiction will find these books fun to read and those who love to read but aren't crazy about math will find them fun to read too!

Math Fiction Books
One of the books in this list is about Sir Cumference and Lady Di of Ameter, who searched for a better shape for a table for the knights to sit around. I bet you know what shape those two found. There are several others on this list that are based on mathematical concepts and are great fun to read.

Books About Pi
You know about the number Pi, the one that starts with 3.14 and then can go on forever? This list has books all about that number. Not all of them are fiction, but some of them are.

Stories to Help Children Cope with Difficult Circumstances

All children often have to deal with events that are sad or just a little scary. Gifted kids are no different. Here are some books with stories that will help children learn to cope with their feelings.

When a Parent is Deployed
Books About Starting School
More Books About Starting School

Other Fiction Books

Books with Gifted Characters or Themes
Too often gifted children feel like misfits. They don't feel like they fit in and feel a bit different. Characters in so many books they read are characters they can't quite relate to. The books in this list are perfect for gifted kids because they have characters who are gifted or deal with themes gifted children can relate to.
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