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I've had a number of parents ask me if their child, who had been born prematurely, could possibly be gifted. They say that their child seems to show some signs of being gifted, such as an excellent memory, a long attention span, and an intense curiosity. However, they also say that their child doesn't have all the gifted traits and even seem to have developmental delays, the most commonly mentioned being a language delay.

However, sometimes what looks like a language delay is common language development in some gifted children, who don't start speaking until their second birthday and sometimes even beyond that. Because the development of preemie babies can be hard to track and gifted development doesn't always follow a typical developmental pattern, it can be very difficult to determine if a child born prematurely is gifted, but it is certainly possible for a preemie baby to be a gifted kid.
April 11, 2008 at 2:16 pm
(1) h houston says:

Many gifted children experience asynchronous development in which certain traits accelerate at a rate different than others. This is especially true for children who have a dual exceptionality – such as a developmental delay coupled with giftedness in a particular area. In cases such as these the child may qualify for services from both the gifted and special education departments. Parents need to be very well informed to help school personnel identify the needs of the child. The strengths should always be used to help the weaknesses, not the other way around.
As a side note – my husband and I were both premies and both of us were identified as gifted as children.

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