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Carol Bainbridge

Help for Fine Motor Skills

By September 1, 2006

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A favorite time for many young children in school is arts and crafts time, the time when they get to cut and color and paste and glue. These activities help children develop their fine motor skills, which they need when they begin to learn to write. Unfortunately, quite a few gifted children dislike arts and crafts. My son was such a child. When he was in preschool, his artistry consisted of things like quickly coloring or painting an entire paper orange, coloring one red spot in the middle of that and calling his work of art "Storm cloud on Jupiter."

If your child is like mine, you can use - and encourage the teacher to allow - other kinds of activities like building with construction sets like Duplos and Legos. These kinds of manipulatives can enhance fine motor skills as much as coloring and cutting!

More about fine motor skills and ideas for enhancing them:
May 2, 2008 at 3:18 am
(1) Thomas says:

I was a very good drawer as a kid, but other ativities are diffently inportast to developing fine motor skills. Building legos, model planes, mobiles and some great examples. Cutting out paper dolls and/or masks was also a lot of fun. Stringiing beads can be very helpful too. I have coloring pages for my daughter and all her friends at the website http://www.brendasfriends.com/coloringpages.html . Enjoy them all. Some are cut and past projects.

December 20, 2011 at 2:15 am
(2) Sheila says:

Coloring is a great way to develop fine motor skills. My kid loves to color. His favorite picture is a robot that I’m always having to print out for him from Crayon Action Coloring Pages, but there are other great sites too. I find printing out free coloring pages online super convenient. My kid also loves playing with building blocks, paints and lego.

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